Miley Cyrus Squats Wide, Flexing Flawless Thigh Muscles

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Miley Cyrus struck a rather odd pose on Instagram a few hours ago showing off her muscular legs and arms.

Miley Cyrus Squats And Straddles In Black Heels

Early this morning (or late last night depending on your timezone), Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in an unusual pose. The purpose of the post was to thank her followers and fans for the wild success of her new song “Flowers.”

Rocking a pair of black heels and a white single-strapped once-piece bathing suit, the singing sensation spread her legs wide as she squatted down. Showcasing her muscular arms, she had both of her fists balled up with one hand pumped up in the air and the other pointing down toward the ground.

Miley flashed her pearly whites for the camera and appeared to add a pop of color to the look with cherry-red lipstick. Her curly blonde locks perfectly framed her face as the photo looked to be snapped from the floor looking up at Miley from across the room.

She appeared to be standing at the entrance of a long hallway in a room that was mostly white. There looked to be some sort of gate or piece of wood blocking the hallway behind her. Off to the side of the photo, there appeared to be a blue play tube for animals or children.


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Giving ‘Free Britney’ Vibes?

While the photo was liked over 500K times in just a few hours, it wasn’t well-received by her followers. In a comment liked almost 400 times, one fan noted that it was far from being her most flattering pose. Other fans left similar comments not caring for the pose in the photo.

There were also several fans who said the photo didn’t really look or feel like Miley Cyrus. These fans questioned if Miley is even managing her page right now and argued the photo looked to be AI-generated.

Miley Cyrus telling a story [Source: YouTube]
Miley Cyrus telling a story [Source: YouTube]
Fans in agreement the photo wasn’t really Miley admitted they “missed” her and hoped she would return to her page.

While there weren’t a lot of people interested in discussing her appearance, there was some love in the comments for her song. One fan, however, admitted radio stations might be overdoing it by playing it “every five minutes.” The individual did go on to add that the song was “a bop” even if it is getting played too often.

What did you think about this photo Miley Cyrus shared early this morning? Did you think the pose was a little strange? Do you agree with people that it might not be Miley at all? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more!

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