Lifetime’s ‘Secrets On Greek Row’: All The Details

Lifetime Secrets On Sorority Row-

Lifetime’s latest thriller takes place at a college sorority. This chiller is called Secrets On Greek Row, and there are some pretty hair-raising secrets. Secrets On Greek Row stars Lucy Loken (Young Sheldon, Quantum Leap), Grace Patterson (Dying To Be A Cheerleader, Deadly Cheer Mom), Jessica Morris (The Wrong FiancĂ©, Twisted Little Lies), Mason Mecartea (Stranger Things, Hidden Blessings), and Logan Mackenzie Wallace (Zombie Tidal Wave).

What Is Lifetime’s Secrets On Greek Row About?

Ready for a thriller with a Greek life twist? According to the Lifetime synopsis, Kaylee should be enjoying her college life. She is her sorority’s president, and very popular.

However, her boyfriend Wally is killed in the craziest way. They were at a party, and he was in a hot tub, where he was electrocuted! Was this done on purpose, or was this the accident that the police claim it is?

Sabrina, Wally’s mother, has her own theory. She does not trust Kaylee. Sabrina thinks that Kaylee sought revenge on their family by getting Wally into drugs and alcohol. More so, she believes that in this altered state, Wally was unaware that he was in danger. In addition, Kaylee’s sorority sisters, Winter and Lori think that she was responsible for her boyfriend’s death. Did she seek revenge?

Yet, why would Kaylee seek revenge? There were some shady goings on with Wally’s father and Kaylee’s mother.

Now, Kaylee has to protect her reputation. How does she uncover who killed Wally? She hosts a sorority party to find out. At the party, Chase, the fraternity president drinks the party punch. However, he nearly dies as it is laced with GHB!

Now, Kaylee must do all she can to survive and to find out who is behind this.

When Can You Watch Secrets On Greek Row?

The premiere of Secrets Of Greek Row is on Friday, April 21, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel. In addition, this movie will be available to stream the next day.

Twisted Sister used with Lifetime's permission
Twisted Sister used with Lifetime’s permission

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Twisted Sister

Airing on Friday, April 21, at 6 p.m., Eastern is Twisted Sister. This stars Mena Suvari, and Joy Nash. According to the Lifetime synopsis, Emily is a PR executive. She is the woman that has it all. Emily owns her firm, has a sweet daughter, and inherited a lot of money.

However, the one problem in her life is her marriage to Kyle. Yet, thanks to couples therapy, things are going well. Kyle is planning to move back home.

One day, a woman named Lily appears at Emily’s door. She claims to be her half-sister! Emily is thrilled to welcome this unknown family member into her life. Moreover, Lily agrees to take a DNA test to confirm that they are siblings. Subsequently, Emily has Lily join her firm and start working there.

Meanwhile, Kyle starts to act odd. Unfortunately, this is not the only odd change. When Emily is poisoned, Kyle blames Lily. Emily starts to lose trust in Kyle when the DNA test reveals that the women are sisters. Couples therapy has taken a negative turn.

Thankfully, Lily has some explanations as to why things are getting weird. Will this put Emily in danger?

The Twisted Son used with Lifetime's permission
The Twisted Son used with Lifetime’s permission

The Twisted Son Ends Evening Of Lifetime Thrillers

On Friday, April 21, at 10 p.m., Eastern on Lifetime is The Twisted Son. This stars Andrea Roth, Eric Osborne, Tygh Runyan, Katie Douglas, and Kayla Henry. According to the Lifetime synopsis, Paige and Nathan are going through the unimaginable pain of losing their teenage son Zach.

While Nathan and their daughter Addie are starting to move forward from their grief, Paige is in bad shape. She cannot move forward. Paige cannot even work.

This lost income is a problem. Therefore, they decide to rent out their extra room to help with that cash shortfall. A local university student Brandon Wilson takes the room. Soon, he seems to take Zach’s place, which makes Paige feel better.

At first, Nathan and Addie are thrilled that Paige is becoming herself again. But, they soon became alarmed as they sense that Brandon is not at all like Zach. Moreover, he is an evil genius!

Finally, can they save their family before Brandon causes any more pain?

Which Lifetime thriller will you be watching Friday night?



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