Craig Melvin Suggests MAJOR Schedule Shakeup To ‘Today Show’

Craig Melvin [Source: YouTube]

Craig Melvin suggested a major schedule shakeup to The Today Show. The dedicated viewers wouldn’t be happy if the producers went through with this. Keep on reading to learn more and let us know your thoughts.

Craig Melvin wants a schedule shakeup

On Monday’s episode of the Today Show, Craig Melvin admitted that he wants a schedule shakeup. However, the viewers wouldn’t be happy if the producers went through with it. Craig recently came back from vacation. Yet, he would like to co-host the show four days a week.

Jacob Soboroff, Craig Melvin & Sheinelle Jones [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Craig started the segment by asking his co-anchors if they heard of the “four-day workweek.” He admitted that he was on board with the idea. Craig would like to do it “one week on, one week off.” Kristen Welker also shared that the work schedule sounds ideal.

He admitted that he would feel “so refreshed and energized” every time he goes away from the show. Kristen asked him if he would travel every other week. Craig Melvin admitted that he would either sleep or sit around the house. Kristen told him he would go on a “staycation every other week.”

Craig admitted that he would binge-watch episodes of Law & Order or listen to the Today Show Radio 108. The video was posted to the official Twitter account for the Today Show’s radio show. So, the fans didn’t get to see the clip. Now, you can see the video for yourself above and let us know your thoughts.

Craig Melvin [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
What do you think of the idea of a four-day workweek? Are you a proponent of the idea? Sound off below in the comment section.

Today Show co-hosts go on vacation

Earlier this month, Craig Melvin recently went missing from the show. His co-host Dylan Dreyer was also absent. Sheinelle Jones was the one who hosted the third hour of the morning show. She greeted her special guest co-hosts.

“Good Monday morning and welcome to the Third Hour of Today,” Sheinelle said in a previous broadcast. “And welcome to the cousin’s show! I’m Sheinelle, we’ve got our cousin [lifestyle contributor] Jill Martin here this morning.”

Jacob Soboroff, Craig Melvin & Sheinelle Jones [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
On the other side of her was White House Correspondent Peter Alexander sitting next to her. Sheinelle admitted that it’s been a while since they worked together on the weekend version of the talk show. They grew up together. NBC News fans loved seeing the familiar faces on their screen. Both Craig and Dylan went missing from the show earlier this month and have since returned.

What are your thoughts on Craig Melvin suggesting this major schedule shakeup to the Today Show? Would you like to see the show changing its format to four days a week? Or, would you miss the Friday and Weekend edition? Sound off below in the comment section.

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