‘Sister Wives’ Fans Think Meri Brown Has Had Work Done, Why?

Meri Brown/Sister Wives/Instagram

Sister Wives fans seem to think that Meri Brown has had work done. Yet, what has prompted them to think this way? She has not appeared significantly different in her social media photos or live streams. The only thing that she really changes is the length of her hair. So, what is different about Kody Brown’s former first wife? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Brown Has Had Work Done, Why?

Meri Brown shares a lot on social media. She is always going live with her best friend, Jenn, and posting photos of her adventures. More so, her look rarely changes aside from her hair. However, fans seem to think that Meri went under the knife but what has prompted this assumption? According to yahoo!, fans swarmed a recent Instagram selfie of Meri Brown and had a lot to say about her appearance. She posed with her hair parted to the side and slightly swooped. Additionally, she had on a black long-sleeved shirt with the word ‘EPIC’ written in white.


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Her face in the photo looked natural but very smooth. Immediately, one person commented: “Loving the glow up. Can you share what you’ve gotten done?” Yet, It did not stop there. Another added: “shes def had work done..shes looks so different then when she was first on TV.” Someone suggested that Meri Brown underwent a facelift and some Botox. Others just felt she used a filter for her photo hence why her face looked so smooth. Then, there were those who believed that leaving Kody was just what she needed.

Meri Brown/Sister Wives/Instagram
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Meri Brown has been asked about her changing features before. She responded that she was using Invisalign on her teeth and had gotten burnt in the sun. It seems like, even if she did have work done, she would likely not cop to it. Why should she? She is a working woman and what she chooses to do with her face and her money is her choice. However, she does look much better since she exited the plural marriage.

Is The Marriage Really Over?

Recently, there were questions if Janelle and Meri Brown would still film with Kody to keep the show going. Backwoods Barbi brought this idea up recently. Kody is on the verge of losing their beloved Coyote Pass, the land that Janelle absolutely adores. More so, Meri was apparently just down there working. So, possibly working out the marriage would benefit everyone financially and keep the show going. At least, that could be the hope. In any case, Meri Brown needs to maintain this fresh new face no matter what her choice is.

Do you think that Meri Brown has had work done? Or, has she just used a lot of filters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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