Janelle & Savanah Brown Crash A Party, Maddie Misses Out

Janelle Brown, Maddie Brush, and Savanah Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Images from Instagram

After growing up in the public eye, Savanah Brown seems to keep a quieter social media presence these days. However, Sister Wives fans always feel delighted when she creates new posts or shows up in her family’s posts.

This week, Savanah made a rare Instagram appearance on her mother Janelle Brown‘s page. According to Janelle, the two women crashed a party this weekend. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Savanah’s older sister Maddie turned up.

So what exactly happened? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Janelle & Savanah Brown prove they can hang with the boys

Although Garrison Brown intended to have a special birthday party with just the guys, a few special guests “crashed the party.” Janelle uploaded a photo and video of the festivities, revealing that she and her younger daughter Savanah attended too.

Janelle and Savanah Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
Savanah Brown/Instagram

The Brown family’s older children aren’t active with TLC any longer, but they still proudly showed up for Garrison. Logan, Hunter, and Paedon were all present in the photo.

“Savanah and I crashed the brothers and cousins birthday party for @robertthebrown,” Janelle captioned her celebratory Instagram post. “He turned 25 on Monday and all he wanted was to have the guys come and hang out for the weekend. It’s so great when brothers and cousins are your best friends.”

Absolutely way fun!!!” Christine Brown wrote in the comments. Many other fans and followers left positive messages and wished Garrison a very happy birthday.

It seems like all of Garrison’s siblings hope he had a great birthday celebration. But sadly, not everyone was there to enjoy the party in person.

Garrison Brown's birthday attendees, from Janelle Brown's Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Maddie Brush and her husband live in North Carolina and have three children — one of which is an infant. Although Maddie would have surely loved to attend the party, traveling across the country isn’t exactly feasible.

Oh I miss this!! Love it so much😍” Maddie added to the Instagram post.

The mother of three probably felt a little sad that she couldn’t attend her brother’s party, but she undoubtedly enjoyed seeing the family get together for a happy occasion.

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Will Janelle’s youngest daughter appear in Season 18?

Since Savanah Brown is 18 years old, she doesn’t have to spend time with her father if she doesn’t want to. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the teen seems to be doing just fine living with her mother.

Sister Wives Season 18 has already started filming. Since Savanah still lives with her mother, it’s likely that she will make at least a few appearances next season. However, there’s also a good chance she’s following in her siblings’ footsteps. They no longer want anything to do with the show and Savanah may decide to leave too.

Either way, fans are eager to see what happens next with the Brown family.

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