Chumlee Has ‘Awesome’ New Business Outside Of ‘Pawn Stars’


Pawn Stars fan-favorite Chumlee is introducing a new product that he thinks is going to be a huge success. What “awesome” business did he recently launch and what does he have to say about his new product?

We have all the latest news on this History Channel star who isn’t going to be jerked around anymore.

Chumlee’s Awesome Jerky Is Launched

A few days ago, Pawn Stars reality star Chumlee spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about filming the second season of Pawn Stars Do America. More so, he also dished on his brand-new product, Chumlee’s Awesome Jerky.

Firstly, he is very proud of his new venture. Over the years, he has tried a lot of different products and businesses. Yet, this time, he thinks he has found a winner.

I’ve tried many businesses, and I think I’ve got a good one going right now with the beef jerky.

However, he needed to figure out a few things before he could launch his keto-friendly product. Additionally, he needed good packaging. Chum also needed someone to mass-produce his product.

After six months, we finally nailed down all the packaging and found the people we want to produce the jerky for us.

First, the whimsical packaging is a winner. The colorful packaging has a caricature of the affable Pawn Star reality star. Next, there is a trio of flavors that should make anyone happy.

Chumlee Pawn Stars-
Chumlee Pawn Stars-

More About Chumlee’s Awesome Jerky

According to the official Chumlee’s Awesome Jerky website, there are three flavors of jerky including Original Cut, Western Teriyaki Pepper, and Whiskey BBQ Scorpion Pepper. A three-ounce bag of the delectable treat is  $9.99.

Best of all, there are 70 places to purchase his jerky, in nine different states. This includes his candy store, Chumlee’s Candy On The Blvd. located at Pawn Plaza, and next door to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where they film Pawn Stars. Moreover, Chum’s brother Sage runs this store.

Now, he has his signature beef jerky next to his signature root beer, Chumlee bobbleheads, as well as classic candy like Charleston Chew and Pez.

Best of all, you can order Chum’s beef jerky online and have it sent to your front door!

The new product also has a fun and simple tagline. “I’m always on the go, so I love quick snacks. Try my Awesome Beef Jerky. It’s a great source of energy packed with flavor and protein.”

When Can You Watch Chum On Pawn Stars?

Be sure to catch Chumlee, Rick Harrison, and Corey Harrison on the OG series. Pawn Stars airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m., Eastern, on the History Channel.

Pawn Stars fans, are you going to try Chumlee’s Awesome Jerky? What flavor are you most interested in? Please share your comments below.



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