‘Bringing Up Bates’ Tiffany Bates Opens Up Like Never Before

Tiffany Bates - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates family member Tiffany Bates is opening up to fans like she never has in the past. She’s sharing lots of details about her life and getting honest in a big way. So, what did Lawson Bates’ wife share with fans? Keep reading to find out more about her and see the parts of her life she wants to talk about now.

Who is Lawson Bates’ wife Tiffany?

Because Tiffany only married into the Bates family less than a year ago, fans don’t know much about her. She and Lawson Bates tied the knot in May 2022. Though she may not have always been on fans’ radar, she has been in the public eye for years. She was a model as a young child and is an actress now.

These days, Tiffany is living in Tennessee with her hubby but enjoys traveling in her free time. They also spend a lot of time with the Bates family and love making memories together.

Tiffany Bates - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Tiffany Bates – Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

Now, Tiffany is chatting about her past in a way she’s never done before.

Bringing Up Bates: Tiffany opens up about her past.

This weekend, Tiffany and Lawson uploaded a new YouTube video, highlighting her adoption experience. She answered many of her fans’ popular questions about the topic. She explained that this was important for her to talk about because of how impactful it can be.

When she was just 13 months old, she was adopted from China. But she doesn’t know her actual birthday. She was “supposedly” left on the steps of a hospital and was then taken to an orphanage. She also opened up about the laws in China limiting parents to having one child.

Today, Tiffany does not know her birth parents, but she thinks it would be a great opportunity in the future. However, the Bringing Up Bates star pointed out that DNA testing isn’t allowed in China like it is in the United States. So, tracking down her parents would be quite difficult. Her adoptive mother is a genealogist and has helped Tiffany find several distant relatives.

As for knowing she was adopted, she feels like she has always known this, even from a young age. Because she grew up in Los Angeles, California, she was surrounded by a wide range of people. So, she never felt different because of her looks and ethnicity. Instead, she focuses on who she is inside.

Below, you can see a throwback photo of Tiffany with her adoptive parents.

Tiffany Bates - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Tiffany Bates – Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

So, are you surprised to hear all of these details about Tiffany Bates’ life? Did you know much about her adoption story? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest news about the Bates family.

Bringing Up Bates fans can enjoy Tiffany Bates’ full YouTube video below.

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