Bikini-Clad Aurora Culpo Spreads Legs & Licks Air

Aurora Culpo - Instagram

TLC personality Aurora Culpo turned the heat all the way up for her 179K followers when she shared several sizzling bikini-clad snaps of herself.

Bikini-Clad Aurora Culpo Spreads Legs, Licks Air

The Culpo Sisters star was soaking up the Palm Springs, California sun recently. And, she decided to share a few stunning bikini-clad shots with her Instagram followers.

Aurora Culpo - Instagram
Aurora Culpo – Instagram

The first of four photos featured Aurora Culpo as she walked down white concrete steps. The photo captured her with one foot on a stair and the other hanging down off the step as she slowly walked down to a seating area near the clear blue pool. Gorgeous desert-esque grassy dusty rock hills could be seen behind her as well as a clear blue sky with just one tiny white cloud almost out of frame.

Aurora’s long curly locks flowed down her back and ran over one side of her body. She sported a black bikini with a vibrant green pattern outlining both the bikini top and bottom. One hand hung down by her side while the other was up with her elbow pointing out as she ran her digits through her hair.

The timing of the photo showed off the perfect curves of her hips. And, the bikini in combination with this particular pose allowed her to highlight her chiseled abdomen. Here’s the first photo she shared:

In the second photo, Aurora gave her followers a clear look at her sculpted backside. She had her arms raised up in the air as she walked toward the covered outdoor seating and fireplace.

In the third photo, she finally made it to the outdoor seating. Her hair looked dry and a bit sweaty. Her skin sparkled in the sun as she stretched out her long legs and rested them on the wooden table beside her chair.

In the final photo, bikini-clad Aurora Culpo took things up a notch by spreading her legs as wide as she could get them with one resting on the table and the other with her toes pointed toward the sky. She also threw her head back and stuck her tongue out as if she were licking the air.

Here’s the photo with her legs spread and her head thrown back with her tongue out:

What do you think of Aurora Culpo’s bikini-clad Instagram snaps? Which one of the four photos did you like the best? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. aww… I think she made some great photos. the descriptions were also excellent…
    -Mark Anderson

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