‘You, Me & My Ex’ Jennifer Reveals Shocking Sperm News

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You, Me & My Ex is back for Season 2 with Jennifer, Chantel, Josh, and Danielle. In their first season, they had an interesting dynamic that led to Josh being Chantel’s sperm donor. She eventually gave birth to a baby girl and now the fantastic four are trying to figure everything out with the new little one running around. How does everyone factor into the family and relationship with the baby? Read on for more details.

You, Me & My Ex Jennifer Reveals Shocking Sperm News

It made sense that Jennifer would want Josh as her sperm donor. The two had been married for several years and even had a son together. However, she ended up feeling something for Chantel and ended up pursuing that relationship. They started a romance with Jennifer eventually divorcing Josh. He went on to find love with Danielle yet he was still close to his ex. They were so close, in fact, that when she and Chantel wanted to start a family, he became the obvious donor.

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Josh was nervous about everything, simply because he did not know where he would fit in. Though this would biologically be his child who he would see all of the time, he was not deemed the father. This was Chantel and Jennifer’s baby. In April 2021, they welcomed their baby girl, Camila Michelle, and now, she will be a big part of the new season. In a clip from TLC, they show the family trying to navigate parenting with all of the personalities involved.


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It starts with Jennifer happily pushing Camila around while the little one pushes her own stroller. She seems so proud of everything Camila does, even her little walk. Furthermore, she notes that she never imagined that her ex-husband would have fathered her child. More so, she never thought he would also be their babysitter. Chantel looks over at Josh and Danielle and goes: “Isn’t that weird?” They agree that it is but Jennifer points out that it is no weirder than having his sperm put into Chantel.

The Fans Are Here For The Mess

If this situation with Jennifer, Josh, Chantel, and Danielle sounds messy, it is. However, You, Me & My Ex fans are here for it. After they saw the clip, they had a lot to say. “Ok I’m watching this I’m guilty,” one shared. Someone noted that Josh is the father so he should be a part of the child’s life. However, one fan had a request of TLC: “Just don’t bring back that MILF show.”

What do you think of Josh being so involved in Camila’s life? Is it too much or just enough? More so, should they be grateful that he is there to help out? Let us know and watch the premiere of You, Me & My Ex Monday, April 17th on TLC.

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