‘Love Is Blind’ Why Is Kwame Getting Hate For Decision?

Kwame Appiah- Instagram

Love Is Blind has revealed who got married and fans have started to throw shade at some cast members, like Kwame Appiah. The cast often gets hate on social media for their choices on the show. In fact, Kwame is no different. It turns out that he has been one of the cast members to get the most hate. Recently, he took to social media to explain some of his actions on the show.

Kwame Appiah Tackles The Haters

Being on a reality dating show isn’t always the most fun for the cast. Kwame is getting to experience this firsthand. He and his now wife, Chelsea Griffin were the first couples to say ‘I do’ in the season finale. However, Kwame wanted to share some of their best moments with fans that they did not see on the show. He told his fans to keep in mind that editing takes a lot of the best stuff out of the show.

Kwame Appiah- Instagram
Kwame Appiah- Instagram

He took to Instagram to show fans a taste of what they didn’t see. There were multiple pictures and videos of him with Chelsea. He wrote, “All of this content was taken during our engagement when the big cameras weren’t on us. We got to enjoy life, and communicate, in the ways that feel most natural to us. Also, just a quick response to anyone saying ‘they have no chemistry’ or ‘they don’t even love each other’… based on what you saw, I don’t blame you for thinking that. But actually, we had the MOST fun together falling in love.”

The Haters Keep Going

As soon as Love Is Blind began, Kwame was already getting a lot of hate on social media. In the beginning, he was torn between two women. He chose Chelsea after making a big connection with Micah Lussier. When Micah finally met him face to face, she was shocked at how attractive he was. She continued to flirt with him and make jokes about their ‘failed proposal’.

Love Is Blind- Netflix
Love Is Blind- Netflix

Kwame did spend some time flirting with Micah while they were all in Mexico and of course, fans of the show couldn’t hold their tongues when it came to throwing shade his way. More so, Kwame was so tired of all of the hate. He spoke out to his followers on Instagram about it. He told his fans, “Things like this are inhuman, we’ve got to do better.”

Why does Kwame have to respond to his decision to stay with Chelsea? Also, do you think that he made the right choice at the altar? Are you ready to see them live their new life together? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more Love Is Blind.


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