Jeff Probst Admits ‘Survivor’ 44 Has A Favorite All-Time Player

survivor 44 episode 7 losing challenge
Nick Davis

Everyone has their favorite Survivor players. Host of the show, Jeff Probst is no exception to this. It’s become a bit of a meme among fans that Jeff is pretty brazen in which players he likes best. He boasts about the talents of Boston Rob, Cirie Fields, and John Cochrane on a regular basis. Season 44 may give a new favorite to the Jeff Probst canon, though. Jeff raves about new players from every season. Yet, it’s rare that one sticks it out to be someone Probst talks about all the time like a father raving about his kid. Is this one of those players?

A New Favorite

Jeff talked about one of his new favorite players on the podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. What may come as a surprise to some is that he says this new favorite is Matt. Yes, the Matt that was the boot of Episode 7.”Matt is one of my favorite all-time players,” Jeff says during the podcast. “If for no other reason than how he expressed his vulnerability and let us see it. And wasn’t embarrassed by it, in fact, he was proud and he grew. It’s no wonder Frannie has a crush on him!”

survivor 44 episode 7 matt
Matt Blankinship from ‘Survivor’ 44

Matt’s showmance with Frannie has been one of the biggest recurring moments throughout Season 44. It’s been a while since Survivor has had a showmance. However, it seems like this one is going to work out. Matt has said in post-elimination interviews that the relationship between himself and Frannie is still very much on.

Fans still haven’t heard Frannie’s side of the showmance, though. She’s still in the game as of Episode 7 and thus is unable to make public statements. All viewers know as of right now from next week’s preview is that she is more than a little unhappy with Matt’s elimination. The consequences may be dire.

Survivor 44 Backlash

Matt’s elimination has been the subject of some scrutiny in the Survivor community. The amount of twists and advantages that led to the elimination of someone who was seemingly in a good overall social and strategic position has many fans saying this doesn’t feel like Survivor anymore. Splitting the tribe in half at what is supposed to be the very first merge vote definitely seems like missing the point of a merge.

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Jeff Probst in Episode 7 of ‘Survivor’ 44

Matt never really got a chance to spread his strategic wings. He actually only got to vote in a single tribal council, the one with his own elimination. The result of yet another twist from earlier on that was mandatory for Matt to participate in. Maybe Matt could have left an even bigger impression on Jeff if he had had the chance to play the game a little more.

Do you like Matt as much as Jeff does? Let us know and watch new episodes of Survivor 44 every Wednesday.

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