‘Welcome To Plathville’ See Special Photos Of Olivia Plath’s Baby

Olivia Plath - YouTube - Welcome to Plathville

This week, Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath shared several special photos of her baby. She documented many precious moments, sharing this little one with the world. Scroll down to check out the photos and see what fans have to say after checking them out.

Olivia Plath shares adorable photos of her baby.

In a new Instagram post on Wednesday, Olivia shared all about her baby. Over the past several months, she’s collected lots of sweet photos and saved them all to show off to fans.

She and Ethan Plath have been married since October 2018, so it wouldn’t surprise fans if they were growing their family. However, this isn’t the baby fans might have been expecting to hear about.

Olivia Plath - YouTube - Welcome to Plathville
Olivia Plath – YouTube – Welcome to Plathville

In her post, Olivia celebrated a special milestone with her pet hedgehog, Halle. The Welcome to Plathville star shared a series of photos she’s taken of Halle, documenting the many highlights of her life so far.

In one snap, Halle is wrapped up in a blanket. In another shot, the hedgehog is wearing a little hat. There are many sweet pictures of Olivia snuggling with her baby girl.

In her caption, the TLC star said, “I’ve had this cute little bébé in my life for a year now! 🦔 Halle the hedgehog has met a lot of my friends, she’s moved across the country, and taken several road trips with me. At home, she loves running on her wheel, exploring under the couch and snuggling.

Finally, she described her pet as “precious.”

You can take a look at all of the photos below.

Welcome to Plathville fans dote on the sweet baby.

This adorable baby certainly caught fans’ attention. Many Welcome to Plathville fans gushed over the precious photos of the little hedgehog. Many called her cute and others agree that having a pet hedgehog is “so fun.”

Though Halle the hedgehog isn’t the baby fans might have been expecting, many do seem to love her. Plus, she certainly seems to be the center of attention at Olivia’s home. Hopefully, she will share more photos of her baby very soon. And may they have many more happy years together.

So, what do you think of these special photos of Olivia Plath’s baby, Halle? Did you know she had a pet hedgehog? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest news about the Welcome to Plathville stars.

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