‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses

Maysie Portable Dollhouses on Shark Tank / IG

Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode. In this episode, the creators of the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses are pitching their product. They are hoping to get a bite from one of the sharks to help push their business to a higher level.

Here is what you need to know about the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses from Shark Tank.

What are the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses from Shark Tank

Kayla Lupean is a single adoptive mother and she is the brains behind the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse. This is a unique line of portable dollhouses and dolls that offers kids plenty of playtime without the need for constant screen simulation.

Each of the dollhouses comes in a lunchbox-size carrying case, which the child can decorate with magnetic accessories. They are gender-neutral and offer an inclusive range of dolls to inspire the imagination of all children. The floors in the dollhouse are magnetized with attached furniture so there won’t be any lost pieces.

Kayla Lupean of Maysie Portable Dollhouses / IG

Kayla came up with this idea in 2020, so it is a relatively new company for her to run. At the time, she was a wedding photographer who lost most of her business thanks to the pandemic. She noticed that her daughter’s toys had too many loose pieces and it was hard to maintain them over a long period of time.

She wanted a sustainable toy with high-quality parts and partnered with a company out of China that helped bring her idea to life. The dolls themselves are hand-sewn and have interior magnetic bars. They are made for kids aged three to eight.

Kayla also donates a case of toys to the foster care system for every purchase made.

Where to buy Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses from Shark Tank

Any Shark Tank fan who liked the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses can purchase them on the company website at playmaysie.com.

Once on the site, there are three cases available. The Cozy Case, The Home Case, and The Wild Case. The price for each one is $48.

The Cozy Case has the case, two wooden floors, a carrying strap, a drawstring pouch, and 12 wooden accessories. There is a bedroom on one side and a bathroom on the other. The Home Case has the same things, but it has a living room on one side and a kitchen on the other. Finally, the Wild Case has the same things but it has an outdoor scene, with a lake, a wooded area for camping, and more.

However, in all three cases, the dolls are all sold separately. A set of three dolls is $6 and a set of six is $24. There are also holiday magnets for sale for $28.

Last, but not least, there are Shark Tank deals. For $95.40, fans can get the Home Case, the six-doll set, and the holiday magnets. For $145.80, Shark Tank fans can get all three cases and three reversible dolls.

Does the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouses on Shark Tank look like something you would want to buy? Was it worth the investment from the sharks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This seems to be a more compact version of playing dolls. I grew up with paper dolls and hand made dolls from my Grandmother.

  2. Yes this is something I’m very much interested in buying and I think Shark Tank would have been crazy to not helped this Lady!

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