“Fire Jeff” Trending After Latest ‘Survivor’ 44 Twist

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This latest post-COVID Survivor era isn’t sitting well with many diehard fans. It’s impossible to please everybody, especially with a show as big and with as many variations as this show. But, it seems that there’s an exceptional amount of outrage this time around. Enough so that some fans are even asking for Jeff Probst, host of the show since the very first season, to step down. What is it about Survivor 44, Episode 7 that has some fans so on edge?

Fire Jeff


The calls for the firing of Jeff Probst come after the events of the most recent episode. Frankly, at its best, the episode is a bit of a mess of twists, advantages, and overall structure. In a recent podcast, Jeff and another producer said they like this format of splitting the cast in half at early-merge tribal councils. Their reasoning is that small numbers of people at tribal makes it harder to hide, which can make for more interesting outcomes.

But for many, it’s just impossible to keep up with the number of advantages in play. Especially in combination with new twists being thrown around nearly every single episode. Episode 7 of Season 44 feels like one of the most egregious examples yet.

fire jeff survivor reddit post
The “Fire Jeff” post that is one of the top posts on r/survivor the day after Season 44, Episode 7

This “Fire Jeff” post on the Survivor subreddit is one of the top posts at the moment. One look at the community will show almost nothing but negativity toward the most recent addition to the season. Other top posts include “This isn’t ‘Survivor’ anymore, it’s ‘Jeff’s Show'”, “Anyone else feel like Jeff doesn’t get Survivor?”, and “Survivor is no longer fun to watch”.

For reference, there have been two “merge votes” thus far, but not a single one where every player in the game has actually cast a vote. This severely limits the players’ ability to actually… play the game. And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that very few votes go down without some kind of advantage play anymore. For many, it just doesn’t feel like a game of strategizing and socializing anymore. And they want that to change.

The Future Of Survivor

The future of Survivor is unclear at this moment. Nobody knows what’s coming up in future seasons. There will likely continue to be some discomfort and a disconnect between production and the fanbase as long as future seasons continue with the format currently utilized. Recent seasons haven’t given much indication that they care too much about catering to the whims of the viewers. There are some exceptions, though, like the Hourglass Twist being removed after massive negative backlash.

Maybe the backlash over this episode will also be enough for somebody to listen.

survivor 44 episode 7 advantage
The “Control the Vote” advantage from Season 44, Episode 7

Survivor 44 is airing new episodes every Wednesday.

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