Nick Cannon & Taylor Swift Making Baby #13? He’s ‘All In’

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Proud father of 12 Nick Cannon isn’t done having kids yet and he thinks singing sensation Taylor Swift would make a great mother for baby number 13.

At age 42, Nick Cannon has become a bit of a walking punchline after spreading his seed to the point of becoming a father of 12. Turns out, Nick isn’t too sure he’s done having children. In fact, there are women who he wishes he had had children with in the past. And, there is one lucky lady he would love to be the mother of his next child. On the heels of her breakup with Joe Alwyn, Nick Cannon thinks 33-year-old Taylor Swift would make an ideal baby momma. In fact, the father-of-12 admits he is “all in” if the singing sensation would do him the honor of having his child.

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Nick Cannon dreams of baby #13 with Taylor Swift

The Masked Singer host made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show recently. During his appearance on the show, he opened up about his plans for baby #13. Nick Cannon admitted he doesn’t have immediate plans to father another child. He, however, would dive right into baby #13 if the right baby momma came into his life. Turns out, Nick loves the idea of having a baby with singing sensation Taylor Swift. And, he was immediately ready to start a family with her if Taylor Swift was on board.

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[Source: YouTube]
Nick Cannon told Howard he was “all in” if Taylor Swift would do him the honor of carrying his child. Then, he proceeded to gush about how much respect he had for Taylor.

First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter. What I do love about Taylor Swift is that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music.

Nick Cannon went on to admit he believes there would be a lot of chemistry between himself and Taylor because they have a lot of similarities when it comes to music. More specifically, the way their love life connects to music always seems to make headlines. And, he just thinks he would be able to relate to Taylor and she could relate to him.

“We probably will understand each other.”

Nick jokingly added that his “Spidey senses” were off the chart after learning Taylor Swift was single. And, he thought it would be “amazing” to have baby #13 with her.

Admittedly, Taylor Swift fans have a hard time picturing the singer going for a father of twelve. And, they suspect this idea will be nothing more than wishful thinking for Nick Cannon.

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