Exclusive: Whitney Way Thore Responds To Josh Seiter — Single Or Taken?

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Tv Shows Ace ExclusiveMy Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore catches Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter’s eye after TLC’s Amy Halterman shot him down repeatedly. 

Josh Seiter of The Bachelorette is on the hunt for a girlfriend. And, he has his sights set on a plus-size reality TV star. The first woman he pursued was Amy Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Next, he briefly decided to shoot a shot with Mama June Shannon. He, however, wised up and discontinued that brief poor judgment call as Mama June is happily married. Josh Seiter recently took to Instagram AGAIN to share a photo of TLC’s Whitney Way Thore. Sharing a photo, he simply asked whether she was still in an open relationship.

To Josh Seiter’s surprise, Whitney Way Thore started following him on Instagram. And, she responded to his message. Unfortunately for Josh, the TLC star is keeping her cards close to the vest. What did she say to him exactly? Well, he shared screenshots with Tv Shows Ace of the brief conversation he shared with Whitney.

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Whitney Way Thore Answers Josh Seiter: Single Or Taken?

The TLC personality was pretty quick to answer Josh Seiter’s first question. Was she in an open relationship? She responded to Josh’s Instagram Stories simply saying “nope.” Unfortunately for Josh, this answer didn’t really satisfy him. So, Josh fired back and ask if that meant she was on the market.

Whitney Way Thore responds to Josh again. Unfortunately, she shuts him down. “Not interested.”

See Whitney and Josh’s conversation down below:

Josh Seiter - Instagram
Josh Seiter – Instagram

Again, the TLC star has opted to keep her cards close to her chest. So, Josh Seiter has no idea whether this means she is in a relationship or not as she didn’t clarify. Josh tells Tv Shows Ace he doesn’t necessarily take her response as a rejection. He suspects whether she is in a relationship or not, she can’t answer him without violating her contract. She was very careful with her wording when she replied to him. She said she wasn’t in an open relationship and she wasn’t interested in him. She, however, never answered the original question of whether she was single.

Here’s what Josh had to say about it:

It’s obvious to me that Whitney is simply trying not to violate her contract with her lame answer of not interested. I’m sure Whitney is single. I mean, she immediately followed me when I started liking her pics. I feel like her answer was given because she doesn’t want to anger the network by getting involved with someone as controversial as me. I have no doubt she’s into me so I’ll just wait until she’s out of contract to approach her again. Another possibility is she’s with the French guy and doesn’t want to admit it because it might spoil her upcoming storyline.

Watch out, Whitney Way Thore! Josh Seiter is definitely NOT done pursuing you just yet.

Josh Seiter/IG

Do you think Whitney is protecting a contract with her answer? Or, do you think Josh just has a hard time taking no for an answer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more!

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