Exclusive: Josh Seiter BUSTED For Lying About Amy Slaton?

Amy Slaton - Josh Seiter Youtube - Instagram

Tv Shows Ace Exclusive: An anonymous source close to the Slaton sisters reached out to drag Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter as a “lying dog.”  

As those who have been following this story know, Josh Seiter from The Bachelorette decided to shoot his shot with Amy Slaton (Halterman) after news broke that her marriage was over. This pursuit for love came as a bit of a shock as Amy didn’t exactly look like the women Josh had previously been linked to. Josh, however, told us that he had always had an interest in plus-size women. It was just a side of him he kept stuffed in a closet because of the way society looks at bigger women (and men who pursue them).

Josh Seiter documented himself making the trip to Dixon. He says he knocked on the door, but no one answered. So, he left her gifts and a letter on her porch before returning home. As fans know, Josh returned to Dixon over Easter weekend. Though, the result of that trip is unclear. But, Josh tells Tv Shows Ace “it ended in disaster.” 

Josh Seiter - Amy Halterman - Instagram
Josh Seiter – Amy Halterman – Instagram

An anonymous source linked to the Slaton sisters, however, who has been in touch with Tv Shows Ace a few different times has also reached out. And, they want to tell Amy’s side of the story. More specifically, they wanted to tell everyone that Josh Seiter was LYING.

Josh Seiter lying about love-bombing Amy with gifts?

A source close to the Slaton sisters sent us photos of the sister’s home (and the porch) claiming that Josh Seiter was lying to everyone. Calling him a “lying dog,” our source tells us there were never any gifts or a note left on the porch for Amy. Here is the photo Tv Shows Ace exclusively received:

1000-lb sisters house
1000-Lb. Sisters

Now, Josh Seiter documented the gifts he got for Amy. This included documenting the card and what he said in his note to her. He shared documentation confirming he was in Dixon. What Josh Seiter did not do was document leaving the gifts on the porch. He also didn’t document actually knocking on the door. It does pose the question: Why did he document and make a show of his entire venture only to leave dropping the gifts off out of the picture? Did he not actually leave the gifts anywhere?

In Josh Seiter’s defense, there is a possibility he just left the gifts at the wrong house. Is it possible the door he knocked on and the porch he left the gifts on did not actually belong to Amy?

Joshua Seiter - Amy Slaton
Josh & Amy

Did Josh lie about leaving gifts for Amy? Did he leave them in the wrong place? Or, did the gifts get picked up before the photo confirming he left nothing was snapped? Let us know your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for more!

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  1. So Seiter wasn’t good enough to get picked on the Bachelor or Bachelorette show, so he tries for a no-tier celebrislob? Wonderful. Good game, @joshseiter. Slow clap buddy. Slow. Clap.

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