Chelsea Houska Under Fire, Owes Millions To Consulting Firm

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Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska is under fire for owing millions of dollars to a consulting firm. The former MTV personality is currently being sued for four million dollars. Yet, what precipitated this and can she get her way out of it? Read on for more details on the situation.

Chelsea Houska Under Fire, Owes Millions To Consulting Firm

This should be an amazing time for Chelsea Houska. Her HGTV renovation show Down Home Fab did amazingly well. Plus, she has clothing collaboration lines and she has finally found her happiness. Along with her husband, Cole DeBoer, they are raising a sweet little family. However, there is a lingering issue that needs to be resolved to the tune of four million dollars. Back in December 2022, Cole and Chelsea were sued but they asked for a postponement until the end of January 2023. This was granted and now they are fighting it out in court.

Chelsea Houska, Cole/IG
[Chelsea, Cole-Credit: Instagram]
According to The Sun, the reason for the suit is actually quite simple. Apparently, Chelsea Houska and Cole owe a company named Envy the millions. They are a consulting firm and claim that the couple is withholding money that was made via promos on social media. However, the couple, along with others, are actually alleging that it was actually Envy who owes them money. Matthew James McDonald, who reps Envy, had this to say: “[Chelsea and Cole] are trying to undermine contracts. Envy sent all this money. Envy spent time making them comply. There is no justification to not pay Envy. They just didn’t want to pay because it is a lot of money.”

Chelsea DeBoer Looks 'Unrecognizable' With 'Fillers' [Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram]
[Chelsea-Credit: Instagram]
Moreover, he is claiming that ties were cut between the couple and Envy, with their manager hoping they would work with the brands they repped directly. The DeBoer’s lawyer, for his part, maintained that they had left Envy behind after awaiting a payment that never came. At this point, it looks like both sides feel wronged and they cannot seem to come to a peaceful middle ground. Ultimately, the judge has three dates lined up, starting with one in May and the final two in June.

How Did It Start?

This is not something that just started overnight for Chelsea Houska and Cole Deboer. Firstly, it started in 2020 when Envy went after the couple for just three million dollars. Then, two years later, Envy added more of the couple’s companies and upped it by one million dollars. Finally, it seems like this will just be a waiting game to see who the judge will side with. Envy has a case but Chelsea and Cole have others who feel they have been wronged so who will be in the right?

Are you shocked that Chelsea Houska is being sued for four million dollars? More so, do you think that she owes this money or will she be let off the hook? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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