‘Bachelor’ Gabi Elnicki Not Over Zach Shallcross Months Later?

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Gabi Elnicki of The Bachelor went through a lot with Zach Shallcross during his season. In fact, she was the only one he was intimate with during the fantasy suite dates. However, he broke his promise to her that he would keep their intimacy just between them. He not only shared their private night with Kaity Biggar but also the entire Bachelor Nation fan base. The news aired and was a big part of Zach’s journey. Keep reading to find out more about how Gabi feels now that several months have passed.

Is Gabi Elnicki over Zach Shallcross now that months have passed?

Bachelor Zach Shallcross broke Gabi Elnicki’s heart when he chose Kaity Biggar over her. Not only did she not get chosen in the end, but Zach also shared their fantasy suite secrets with everyone. Months have now passed since the season wrapped filming in November. She recently went on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast where she shared her thoughts on everything and it may not be what everyone thought she’d say.

Gabi believed Zach was her person. However, he ended up falling more in love with Kaity and proposed to her. Gabi had an intuition that it wasn’t going to be her in the end and yet she chose to stay. She walked up to Zach at the final rose ceremony and let him break her heart. Why? She later revealed she didn’t self-eliminate because she didn’t want Kaity to feel like she was chosen by default.

This wasn’t the first time she thought of Kaity’s feelings. When Gabi pulled up to the final rose ceremony she stepped out in the mud. She told producers to make sure that does not happen to Kaity when she arrived.

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As for how Gabi is feeling now, she still feels hurt. In fact, she feels violated although she doesn’t believe Zach broke her heart intentionally. Gabi said, “For me to hold hate toward him and anger and resentment — I’m hoping I can let that go at some point. But I do think that, at this point, I still feel violated. And I’m still getting over all of it.”

Plus she revealed that perhaps she isn’t quite over him. She said, “I think I thought I was over him. But when you leave the bubble, you are saying goodbye for good, right? You can’t call them, you can’t text them. I’m not hitting him up on Instagram. He’s with, you know, one of my best friends and I knew they were together. And I wouldn’t have wanted to reach out to him anyways, but then watching it back was definitely more difficult because I saw it from all points of view.”

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Will she remain friends with Kaity?

While Gabi doesn’t feel like she will be best pals with Zach in the future, she is hoping to put aside her hurt for the sake of her friendship with Kaity. Gabi and Kaity have both made it clear that they want to be in each other’s lives. For both of them, that means being able to get past everything that happened between Gabi and Zach. Both Kaity and Gabi have had nothing but encouraging words and love for each other throughout the entire process.

So far Zach and Kaity are still engaged and loving life in Austin, Texas. As for Gabi, she’s trying to move on and even has plans to meet up with Kaity at the end of April.

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What do you think about Gabi admitting she may not completely be over Zach?

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