Why Fans Are Comparing Tiffany Bates To Katey Duggar

Jed and Katey Duggar YouTube - Lawson and Tiffany Bates YouTube

Why are Bringing Up Bates and Counting On fans comparing Tiffany Bates to Katey Duggar? A recent discussion online highlighted some of the similarities between the two women. It doesn’t seem like these ladies necessarily have much of a connection to one another, but the Duggars and Bates families have been friends for years. Scroll down to find out what these two might have in common.

In case you didn’t know, Katey Nakatsu is married to Jed Duggar. The couple has one son, Truett, and are expecting a daughter, Nora, in May. Tiffany Espensen is Lawson Bates’ wife, and so far, they don’t have any children.

Jed and Katey Duggar Instagram - Lawson and Tiffany Bates Instagram
Jed and Katey Duggar Instagram – Lawson and Tiffany Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans notice an interesting detail about Tiffany Bates.

On YouTube this weekend, Lawson and Tiffany Bates shared a new video with fans. It documented their recent family time with the Bates. At one point, the couple was in their car together. As Lawson chatted, Tiffany had an annoyed expression on her face. Fans reposted this to Reddit and talked about how Tiffany appears to feel about her hubby.

One Bringing Up Bates viewer said that Tiffany looks “so done” with Lawson. Someone else added, “The video Lawson posted a few hours ago makes me feel extra bad for Tiffany. Lawson has somehow become even more of a showboat and she seems so very over his antics.”

Lawson and Tiffany Bates YouTube
Lawson and Tiffany Bates YouTube

How is Tiffany similar to Katey Duggar?

In the thread about Tiffany and Lawson, a couple of fans pointed out, “I can’t decide if her or Katey Duggar is more sick of their husbands.” One Reddit user added, “Lawson is self absorbed and vain, but Jed is mean.”

Recently, on the Duggars Snark subreddit, fans have been discussing Katey’s expressions when she’s standing near Jed or when she’s listening to him talk.

Below, you can see a screenshot from one of Jed and Katey’s recent videos.

Jed and Katey Duggar YouTube
Jed and Katey Duggar YouTube

In one thread, a fan pointed out that Katey “always looks at him [Jed] like he’s such an embarrassment.”

Of course, this is all speculation. But many fans seem to think that both Tiffany and Katey are unhappy with their husbands. And it doesn’t seem to be well-hidden because fans have caught it many times in their photos and videos.

So, do you think Tiffany Bates and Katey Duggar feel the same way about their husbands? What do you feel this is all about? Or do you think this isn’t an accurate interpretation by fans? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates and Counting On families.

Below, you can check out Lawson and Tiffany Bates’ latest YouTube video

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