Watch Out Mama June Shannon! Josh Seiter DROOLING Over Her

Mama June - Josh Seiter - Instagram

Feeling free to be himself, Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter found himself thirsting over Mama June Shannon last night. 

WeTV star Mama June Shannon better watch out as the Bachelorette personality that 1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton considered to be a “weird stalker” revealed Mama June caught his eye. Unfortunately for Josh, Mama June is very happily married to Justin Stroud. As fans recall, Mama June got married to Justin back in March of last year. So, the lovebirds recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Mama June/Instagram
Mama June, Justin

Josh Seiter thirsts for Mama June Shannon

After ripping up and trashing his letter of love to Amy Slaton, Josh Seiter took to Instagram pretty late last night to share a photo of Mama June Shannon. With a heart-eye emoji, he asked his 202K followers if there was any chance Mama June Shannon was single. He proceeded to thirst about her being exactly the time of woman he was attracted to.

“My type to a T to be honest.”

He concluded his post by telling his followers he was “glad” he was finally in a place where he could be open and honest about the body types he found attractive without fearing judgment.

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean Josh Seiter has escaped judgment for finding women like Amy Slaton and Mama June Shannon attractive. The Bachelorette alum had previously told his followers on Instagram he had received a lot of hate via DM after he revealed his physical attraction to Amy Slaton.

Here’s a screenshot of what he shared on his Stories regarding Mama June:

Josh Seiter - Instagram
Josh Seiter – Instagram

Does he even have experience with bigger women?

Now, people who follow Josh Seiter have serious doubts about him actually finding Amy Slaton or Mama June attractive. This is especially true when they are compared to women he’s previously dated. Much of the Internet following his latest love quest still aren’t entirely convinced he didn’t just pursue Amy because she looked like an easy target. Josh, however, has insisted his interest in Amy was sincere.

Josh Seiter - Instagram
Josh Seiter – Instagram

Tv Shows Ace asked Josh if he actually had experience with plus size women. More to the point, can Josh Seiter even handle a plus size woman?

“I do have a lot of experience with bigger women. When I first started out as a male stripper most of the women at our show were overweight or morbidly obese. I know exactly what it takes to please and tease larger woemn and I’m not afraid to do it.”

Josh also tells us that his private dating life has included thick and curvy women. While Amy Slaton was a littler larger than any woman he had experience, she as exactly the body shape he was attracted to.

Sorry Josh, Mama June Shannon isn’t on the market and Amy Slaton has made it pretty clear she’s just not that into you!

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