Chest Pain & Breathing Woes Put Jenelle Evans On Bed Rest

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Jenelle Evans has been taking it easy and on bed rest for the past few days. The Teen Mom alum has made it no secret that her health has been off for quite some time. Sadly, she feels like she is up against a wall when it comes to a proper diagnosis. Now, she is giving an update as to what has her bedridden and if she is okay. Read on for more details.

Chest Pain & Breathing Woes Put Jenelle Evans On Bed Rest

Jenelle Evans keeps her followers updated as to what is going on while she searches for answers to her health. It has been a long and uncomfortable ride for the mother of three. She has shared that she has experienced esophageal spasms for around a decade now. Unfortunately, the pain of the spasms has left Jenelle suffering. She has gone to a handful of doctors looking for answers and even showed off an inhaler to her fans.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook
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Evans was trying to figure it all out but it was still a learning curve. In January of this year, Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to explain that she had “mycoplasma pneumoniae.” She went on to explain that she believed having mono as a child may have compromised her immune system, leading to all of these issues she has now. At the time, she had been dealing with all-over body pains for roughly a year. It was also noted that she had a hiatal hernia she was seeing a doctor for.

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[Credit: Instagram]
Now, in her IG stories, she explained her absence as she tends to post a lot about her travels, her family, and her life in general. Jenelle wrote: “Been MIA for a few days because my breathing isn’t so great and random chest pain as usual. Literally been resting for 3 days now.” She then followed it up with: “Positive ANA, getting some answers soon.” That was followed by a thumbs-up emoji so hopefully, everything is turning around in the right direction.

On The Flip Side

Despite Jenelle Evans’ being bedridden due to her health concerns, she does have a lot to be grateful for. Last month, she obtained full custody of her eldest son, Jace, 13. This was a long time coming but now that it is finally a reality, it is such an amazing feat. Plus, it shows how far Jenlle has come, not only as a mother but as a person. Once Jenelle Evans gets her health under control, she will truly be unstoppable. Hopefully, it happens sooner rather than later.

Do you think Jenelle Evans will find the solution to her health concerns in a timely manner? More so, do you believe she is on the right track? Finally, do you appreciate how open she has been about everything with her followers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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