Warrant Issued For Janelle Brown’s Arrest: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Explains

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives unexpectedly went live on Instagram yesterday to reveal she learned a warrant had been issued for her arrest. 

TLC personality Janelle Brown took everyone by surprise when she briefly went live on Instagram. During this impromptu stream, she proceeded to tell her followers this was a bit of a warning and that she had been informed a warrant was issued for her arrest. Janelle Brown, however, admitted she wasn’t sweating it too much because she had a “very good lawyer.” 

The Sister Wives star proceeded to explain what was going on before ending the live shortly after starting it.

Warrant issued for Janelle Brown? Sister Wives star explains

Janelle Brown told her 1M Instagram followers she got a phone call telling her there had been a warrant issued for her arrest. She explained it was a local call and the man on the phone was pretty convincing. He told her that he was with the Sheriff and even provided a name. Now, Janelle Brown clarified that her address was pretty well protected because of being on reality TV. So, it wasn’t impossible for notice of a warrant not to reach her via traditional mail.

Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

Janelle explains that she told the man she would call back once she contacted her lawyer. The man, however, told her they couldn’t break contact and insisted he needed a bond to be paid to make the warrant go away. Janelle Brown ended up ending the phone call because she felt confident in the lawyer she had. But, the man on the phone was convincing enough that she did check to make sure there wasn’t actually a warrant issued for her arrest.

Janelle reassured her followers there was no warrant out for her and she wasn’t being arrested. The man on the phone, however, was pretty convincing. So, she wanted to warn fans on the off chance they got a similar phone call.

Check out the brief live video of Janelle Brown explaining the phone call she received down below:


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In the comments of her post, fans appreciated her sharing this information with them. Some fans even shared stories of similar phone calls they had received.

Could you picture Janelle Brown from Sister Wives ever committing a crime? Do you think Janelle would survive being behind bars? Moreover, have you ever experienced a similar phone call? Do you appreciate her sharing this information? Let us know in the comments down below.

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