‘Bachelor’ Alum Justin Glaze Shares Connection To ‘Love Is Blind’

Justin Glaze and Marshall Glaze, YouTube
Reality television stars seem like one big family, for The Bachelorette star Justin Glaze he has even closer ties to reality show Love is Blind. Justin is best known for his very expressive face and using it to react to anything that happened on Katie Thurston’s season.
He secured his role as a fan favorite when he went to Bachelor in Paradise and through his social media bromances with fellow contestants.  On the very popular show Love is Blind, fans have been watching Justin’s cousin Marshall Glaze navigate the beginning of a relationship with someone he just met. Fans wanted to know if they really were cousins so they’ve been asking on social media.

Justin Glaze Sent Some Love To His Cousin

Justin Glaze showed up on Marshall Glazes’ social media recently to confirm the rumors. In response to a fan asking if they are related, Marshall Facetimed him to ask questions. Justin didn’t disappoint with some of his trademark charm and with. He called Marshall, “America’s favorite hopeless romantic,” and the two seemed to have a good relationship.

Justin said, “this man has been writing sonnets since the moment he came out the womb.” According to Bachelor Nation, Justin said they’d be playing sports and he’d be writing poetry. He also told Marshall he should release those to the public.

Fans Love Both Of Them And Just Want Them To Find Love

Justin Glaze, YouTube
Justin Glaze, YouTube
It’s not clear whether they will make it or not on the show, but fans are already trying to set Marshall up with a former LIB contestant. They’ve been commenting that he’d be perfect for Iyanna McNeely. One fan commented come on Iyanna we found you a husband.
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