Heartbroken Chase Chrisley Struggles To Find The Words

Chase Chrisley - YOutube

A heartbroken Chase Chrisley took to Instagram yesterday to open up to his 1.3M followers but admitted he was struggling to find the right words. 

Chase Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best joined his siblings in taking to Instagram yesterday to pay tribute to his father Todd Chrisley on his birthday. Like all of his other siblings, Chase was heartbroken that his father was behind bars instead of celebrating his birthday with his children and his wife.

Heartbroken Chase Chrisley struggles to find the words

Chase Chrisley shared a collection of sweet photos of himself and his father on his Instagram profile. With the photos, he included a heartbreaking tribute to his father. He admitted to his followers it took him a bit of time to find the right words for his post as he missed his father deeply.

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He kicked his tribute off by telling his followers he couldn’t find the right words to tell everyone just how much he missed his father. Chase proceeded to admit this would be the very first birthday his father was celebrating without him. Heartbreakingly, this would also be the first birthday Chase celebrated with his father. And, he really wasn’t looking forward to growing older while his father was behind bars.

He found comfort in being with his father in spirit and he knew they would be together again soon.

I Love you and I’m beyond proud of the man, father and husband that you are! We live in a broken world with a broken system but i have faith that we will be together soon! Until then i love you and we will hold it down! Happy Birthday Boss

Check out the emotional tribute he posted on his profile down below:

Chase Chrisley - Instagram
Chase Chrisley – Instagram

Emmy and Elliott showered him with support

Chase Chrisley’s future wife Emmy Medders was the first to rush into the comments with support for her man. She left an array of red heart emojis as she supported Chase in any way she could. Chase’s good friend Elliott quickly joined in adding to the support train. Fans also flooded the comment section with support and happy birthday messages:

  • “God bless him, a good father is promised long life , amen, sending prayers for him and all of you , happy birthday sir”
  • “It’s really saddening that your parents’ mistakes are now affecting you and your family so deeply. I can’t imagine the pain you must feel. I pray for you and your family especially Chloe and Grayson as they navigate their childhood without parents.”

It is clear Chase Chrisley has a deep love for his father. What did you think of his heartbreaking Instagram post? Share your thoughts down below and don’t forget to wish Todd a happy birthday!

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