Gymnast Nastia Liukin In Tight Yoga Pants For Poolside Vacuuming

Nastia Liukin

Nastia Liukin is flaunting her gymnast legs while showing fans a little late-night vacuuming from her pool.

The Olympic gymnast and social media star never runs out of ways to delight her 1 million+ Instagram followers. In her latest share, Nastia posed from her poolside terrace and brandishing a vacuum cleaner. Ditching her signature minidresses and bikinis, Nastia Liukin thrilled fans in a tight yoga pants look. While she didn’t flash as much flesh as usual, fans still got a view of Nastia’s killer figure as she rocked a fun and sporty outfit.

Nastia Liukin
Nastia Liukin/Instagram

Yoga Pants Poolside

Striking a leggy pose, Nastia Liukin posed in total darkness and backed by her lit-up pool.

Swinging a hip slightly, the Russian-born star drew attention to her long and slender legs. She opted for basic black leggings and a sporty McLaren shirt in blue, white, and orange. Hiding her curves, but showing off her toned muscles, Nastia added in sneakers. She also rocked her blonde locks in a semi-up-do, ditching her usual glam for something a little more unfussy. Nastia did, however, stick to wearing makeup. The Pottery Barn partner went glowy with dewy foundation and plenty of highlighter. She sent the camera a pretty fierce gaze, although given how humorous the photo was, fans were likely feeling pretty relaxed.

Nastia posed standing next to a massive orange vacuum cleaner. In a caption, she wrote: “Super casual midnight vacuum session.” Fans are loving it. “But like slay with the matchy matchy,” one replied. Meanwhile, another wrote: “Suddenly I need to update my cleaning wardrobe 🤤.”

Thong Swimsuit For ‘Morning Routine’

Likely gaining far more attention was a post Nastia made on March 16. Going for a cap-sleeve swimsuit in green, Nastia stunned with her long legs and tiny waist on show. She posed from the shallow end of her pool before wading through the waters and showing off her peachy rear. A thong finish here did wonders for Nastia’s toned backside as she showed off her curves and her gymnast muscles.

Disabling Comment After Anorexia Shaming

Nastia tends to leave comments enabled, but she switched them off for her swimsuit post. In 2020, Nastia made headlines for seeing a fan call her “borderline anorexic looking.” She quickly fired back.

Posing in a tight dress as she delivered her clap-back, Nastia Liukin said: “If taking pictures of my OWN body — a body that won me many Olympic medals, a body that I push each day to get stronger, a body that God gave me — is inherently promoting anorexia, then honestly, we’ve gotten to a place in the world where just BEING is offensive.” Nastia fortunately received no such comments in her poolside yoga pants look. She has, however, disabled numbers of likes to her post across all shares.

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