‘Sister Wives’ Shocking Reason Kody Brown Keeps Coyote Pass?

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Fresh photos of Coyote Pass have surfaced and it appears as if Kody Brown hasn’t even attempted to move forward with construction on the land. 

Coyote Pass is a pretty hot topic among Sister Wives fans because Kody Brown and his wives had big plans for the property when they drained their finances to purchase it. To date, as far as fans know, the Brown family still hasn’t fully paid off everything they owe on the property. Likewise, as far as fans know, both Meri and Janelle still own a chunk of the property despite no longer being with Kody. Fans suspect it is only a matter of time before Meri gives up her chunk of the property. But, fans really believed Janelle was passionate about living on the land. And, they don’t see her giving up what she owns as easily.

Now, there have been some theories that Kody Brown plans to continue to move forward with building five houses on the different lots despite losing all of his wives (except for Robyn). Fans suspect Kody and Robyn plan on giving a house to each of Robyn’s children. And, that’s the real reason they kept their hooks in the property for this long.

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Fresh photos of Coyote Pass surface, neglected by Kody Brown

The Sun has obtained fresh photos of Coyote Pass. Unfortunately, the photos reveal the property has been largely untouched and neglected by Kody Brown and his family. Comparing the photos of the snow-covered property to snapshots of the property from the last time the land was featured on Sister Wives… It appears as if nothing has been done to the property as it looks exactly the same.

Check out the fresh photos of Coyote Pass down below:

Here are a few more photos:

He’s reportedly hurting for cash right now

Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn recently put him and Robyn on blast on her YouTube channel revealing that Kody and Robyn are really bad with money. She admitted the two are notorious for living well beyond their means. Moreover, fans suspect Kody is pressed for cash as he recently raised his Cameo prices significantly and now charges 3x more than Janelle and Christine.

Fans suspect Kody and Robyn’s money problems will only get worse as they aren’t sure how much of a future the series is going to have.

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Are you sad Kody Brown has neglected Coyote Pass? Should he just sell the property and move on? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I don’t understand why people are even paying him for a Cameo. He has shown his true colors of the type of person he is.

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