Tony Padron Unrecognizable In New Photo: Shocking Weight Loss

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Mykelti Padron’s husband Tony was unrecognizable in his newest photo on Instagram as he showed off a shocking amount of weight loss.  

Move over Christine and Janelle Brown — Tony Padron has jumped on the weight loss train too. And, he’s taking no prisoners. Mykelti Padron’s husband shared a fresh photo featuring himself, Avalon, and his beautiful wife on Instagram recently. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, fans were stunned by the photo as he appears to have cut his wild and bushy hair. While some fans speculated he could have stuffed it under the cap he was wearing, others just aren’t sure his hair would have fit under the hat.

Turns out, his hair wasn’t the only thing vastly different in the photo. Tony Padron also looked like a new man. He had dropped a considerable amount of weight and fans were impressed with how good he was looking these days.

Tony Padron - Instagram

Tony Padron drops weight and gains fans

Tony Padron has been an acquired taste over the years. Fans have always hated his wild hair. And, they had mixed feelings about his personality. One thing fans did love about Tony was the fact that he stood up to Kody. Fans believe Tony made Kody uncomfortable and that made them like him more. It was when the birth of Avalon was featured on the show that fans really fell in love with Tony as they watched how supportive he was of his wife.

Mykelti Padron has also been getting a lot of praise for dropping a serious amount of weight after giving birth to the twins. Fans can’t help but wonder if Tony and Mykelti embarked on some sort of weight loss journey together as he looked incredible in his latest photo.

Tony Padron - Instagram

The whole family has been dropping pounds

After ditching Kody, both Janelle and Christine have been hard at work on losing weight and getting healthy. Sister Wives fans are blown away by how much weight Janelle has lost. And, fans agree Christine only seems to get more attractive the further she distances herself from Kody.

Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron aren’t the only ones to jump on the weight loss journey either. Maddie Brush has also been very active and open about losing weight as well.

Tony Padron - Instagram
Tony Padron – Instagram

Fans can’t help but wonder how Kody feels as he watches the love for Tony grow as he slims down with the rest of the family that left Kody in the dirt.

Do you agree that Tony Padron has lost some serious weight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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