‘The Amazing Race’ 36 May Have ‘Big Brother’ Showmance Team

the amazing race season 34 starting line phil keoghan
Nick Davis

The Amazing Race is finally returning soon with its 35th and 36th seasons. In the lead-up to the show’s new episodes, rumors are swirling about possibilities for the cast lists. Interestingly enough, the rumors about the upcoming TAR cast aren’t coming in for Season 35, but rather Season 36. A season that hasn’t even begun filming yet is already stirring speculation amidst some evidence that may mean the addition of a popular Big Brother showmance to the racers’ roster.

The Amazing Race 35 & 36 Casts

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin of Big Brother Season 24 fame are the two potential TAR36 castmates the rumors are talking about right now. The rumor comes via a reality TV gossip account on Twitter which has given several credible rumors in the past. The tweet in question has been deleted now, though.

taylor hale and josh abdin social media pic big brother
Taylor Hale and Josh Abdin of ‘Big Brother’ Season 24

The original tweet states “I have a reliable source that confirms Joseph [Abdin] turned down The Challenge to compete in The Amazing Race with Taylor [Hale]. Film dates should be in May but I am seeing if I can get a definite date.”

Taylor Hale is the winner of Big Brother Season 24 while Joseph took 9th place. The two confirmed that they were dating a few months after the finaleThe Amazing Race 36 will be their first time competing as a couple if this rumor proves to be true.

As of right now, no other cast members for Season 35 or 36 of The Amazing Race have been confirmed. There are rumors that Season 35 will be getting a fall 2023 premiere date.

New Firsts For The Race

There are no confirmations on the cast for Season 35 of The Amazing Race just yet. However, there are already some confirmations about the locations fans will be able to see during the season. The filming of the season took place at the end of 2022. More so, teams with filming crews were spotted across several countries during that time.

It seems as though a lot of Season 35 will be taking place in Latin America. Teams were seen in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. There is also confirmation that the show will be going to at least two countries it has never gone to before in previous seasons. Those countries are Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Whereas Season 34 was largely based in Europe, it seems as though the theme in Season 35 is Latin and Caribbean. Grab some Barbacoa and put on your favorite J Balvin record.

pichilemu chile beach and rocks
Chile, one of the locations of ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 35

The Amazing Race has no official release date or release window for its 35th season as of writing this.

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