Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ Showrunner Talks Season 2 Storyline

Netflix The Night Agent-

Netflix viewers are loving The Night Agent. Starring Gabriel Basso, this espionage series has twists and turns that have viewers streaming and talking about this surprise Grisham-like hit.

On Monday, showrunner Shawn Ryan hints at what is next for the Netflix espionage series The Night Agent Season 2. Moreover, he explains how they plan to approach the storyline as there is not a second Matthew Quirk novel with these characters.

Lastly, when will they start filming the upcoming season? We will give the hint that this is happening faster than he ever expected, although this hit was no surprise to Netflix.

What Is The Storyline For The Night Agent Season 2?

Last week, Netflix surprised everyone, including showrunner Shawn Ryan, with the news that they are renewing The Night Agent series for Season 2. This means he is getting his writer’s room back together now.

However, there is no second book to refer to. What will Ryan reference in his writer’s room?

According to an interview with TV Line, Shawn Ryan admitted that Matthew Quirk has many novels, but has not written a second one with FBI Agent Sutherland.

He’s written plenty of books, but nothing with these characters in this world. So it’s something that with the pickup we’re now working on.

However, there has been something “vague” in the back of his mind. He did leave a few unsolved tidbits in the first season including Peter’s father, and now working on the other side of the phone.

I would say that that that will be the starting-off point, to sort of see what he was being sent off to do. But we have some surprises.

Netflix The Night Agent
Netflix The Night Agent

But, the S.W.A.T. creator did hint that things can change in the process.

I don’t want to say too much, because until you’re actually filming it, the stories can always change.

Most of all, they are a flexible writer’s room. Ryan wants to allow the group to be creative. They just want to create the best story possible. “As we did last year, we have ideas, we’re pursuing them, and we’ll change our minds along the way if we think of something better.”

This way of working was a success the first time around. It promises to be just as successful in Season 2. But, when will Netflix fans get to see more?

Netflix The Night Agent
Netflix The Night Agent

When Does Filming For The Night Agent Start?

Filming is starting this summer. This is why they are quickly assembling the writer’s room and getting everything revved up for more.

When Should Netflix Fans Expect To Watch Season 2?

Netflix plans to drop The Night Agent Season 2 in 2024. First, Shawn Ryan and his writer’s room have to create a storyline worthy of the fantastic first season.

Are you looking forward to a second season of The Night Agent?

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