Exclusive: Glorietta Blindsided As Josh Seiter Pursues Amy Slaton

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Tv Shows Ace Exclusive: Love After Lockup alum Glorietta thought all was well in her relationship with Josh Seiter until she stumbled across her boyfriend’s exclusive interview with Tv Shows Ace.

Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter reached out to Tv Shows Ace over the weekend to inform us he was preparing to follow his heart to Dixon, Kentucky this weekend. He explained that he had a crush on Amy Slaton (Halterman) and he has had a crush on her for a long time. Having a general idea of where she lives and the knowledge that she is no longer married to her husband Michael, Josh has decided to jump in his vehicle and follow his heart to Kentucky.

Joshua Seiter - Amy Slaton
Joshua Seiter – Amy Slaton

Now, Tv Shows Ace asked Josh what this meant for his current relationship with Love After Lockup alum Glorietta and his answer was somewhat alarming. Tv Shows Ace did double-check with Josh to make certain he wanted to release this statement as it put his very relationship with Glorietta at risk of coming to an end. Josh insisted he wanted to be as transparent as possible. And, it was a question people were going to ask anyway. Here’s what he had to say:

Honestly I am looking for a way out of my current relationship but just haven’t been vocal to Glorietta about it. She’s very sweet and nice but her posting about tons of other people and starting arguments in her stories is a bit too much for me. If Amy is open to dating me I’d immediately end things with Glorietta. I just don’t want to do anything prematurely at this point so I’ll see how it all unfolds.

Exclusive: Love After Lockup Glorietta was blindsided by this

Now, Love After Lockup star Gloritetta shared a screenshot of the article on her Instagram Stories and added that she was “blindsided” by this information as she had no idea Josh was trying to get out of her relationship. Tv Shows Ace reached out to Glorietta and asked if she wanted to tell her side of the story. Did she have a statement to share? She did. 

Glorietta very sweetly told us that she appreciated Tv Shows Ace taking the time to connect with her as she was “completely blindsided” by what Josh said about their relationship in the article.

Glorietta - Instagram

Unfortunately, the Love After Lockup alum believed she had something serious with the Bachelorette alum and thought he was the one.

Glorietta tells us that she spoke of marriage and having children with Josh. She believed she was in a “loving committed relationship” with him.

She proceeded to tell us she was hurt to learn that Josh was looking for a way out of the relationship as they speak to each other every day and he constantly declares his love for her.

“Trying to keep up with Josh’s past relationships and activities on daily living [has] been exhausting. I don’t [feel] like we are on the same page anymore. I feel like he tells me one thing and tells the world another thing.”

Glorietta reminds us this isn’t the first time her relationship with Josh Seiter came to an end.

“I did not think we would date again and yet he told everyone we were still together and in an open relationship.”


He never officially broke up with her

On Instagram, Glorietta reveals that she went Live shortly after reading the article. And, it was while she was Live that Josh posted on his own Instagram that they had broken up. According to the Love After Lockup star, Josh Seiter never approached her to tell her he had feelings for Amy or that he wanted the relationship to end. Moreover, she claims he never even approached her to tell her the relationship was over.

Despite blocking Josh, Glorietta has been getting screenshots from fans and followers updating her on what he’s been posting. She admitted on her Stories she was surprised to learn he had wasted no time moving on from their relationship as he immediately planned for his trip to see Amy this week.


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As far as anyone knows, Amy Slaton (Halterman) has not spoken to Josh. Outside of possibly reading about it on the Internet, she has no idea he is coming to Dixon to look for her. The Bachelorette alum is actually receiving a pretty intense about of backlash as taking an impromptu trip to Dixon to hunt down Amy is giving many people “stalker vibes.” 

What do you make of this messy situation? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on this story!

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  1. Josh and Glorietta are nothing but old news. Neither one was successful on their shows, so they need to stir some bullshit story for another 5 minutes of fame. They never even met in person!! The fact that Amy hasnt commented on this matter speaks volumes, and I have nothing but respect for her. Josh and Glorietta are nothing but thirsty clout chasers.

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