Danielle Colby’s Family Hit By Deadly Tornado

Danielle Colby & Mike Wolfe [Source: Danielle Colby - Instagram]

Danielle Colby’s family was hit by a deadly tornado. She shared an emotional post on Instagram. Yet, she’s keeping up her spirits and thanking her lucky blessings during this difficult time. The American Pickers star opened up about the fatal tornadoes that hit Idaho. Keep on reading to learn more and see what happened to her family.

Danielle Colby shares emotional post

The Queen of Rust took to her Instagram feed to talk about the recent tornadoes that touched down. She shared a photo of a weather map and the warnings for the south and midwest. Danielle Colby also included a screenshot of her conversation with her daughter.

Danielle Colby [Source: Danielle Colby - Instagram]
[Source: Danielle Colby – Instagram]
A tornado ravaged their town of Orion, Illinois. Danielle shared that her “house was shaking.” The History Channel cast member hid out “under a table in the basement” until it was over. She was glad that she cleaned out her garage right before the storms.

Thankfully, there was only a little damage to Danielle’s home. However, her daughter Memphis wasn’t as lucky. She shared what happened to her 21-year-old’s home when the wind hit it. Memphis witnessed “damage to her garage” but her home was “still standing.”

Danielle Colby Shares Emotional Post [Source: Danielle Colby - Instagram]
[Source: Danielle Colby – Instagram]
Danielle’s son Miles shared a video with her of the damage he incurred at his home. The pipes burst and splashed water everywhere. This led to massive flooding in his home. Yet, Danielle is glad that she and her family are fine.

“I’m thankful that the tornado started forming over our neighborhood, and we did not feel the full force of nature yesterday,” Danielle Colby wrote in the caption. “My heart goes out to all those who did. We are all safe, humans and animals, and ready for a little bit of cleanup today. Sending everybody love and hoping everybody made it out of the storms.”

American Pickers fans share thoughts and prayers

Fans took to the comment section to react. Most of them were relieved to learn that Danielle Colby’s family “was safe from the storm.” Others shared their thoughts and prayers with those who lost their lives, families, and homes in the devastating storms. Here are just some of the comments.

  • “Hoping your parents are safe and well.”
  • “Stay safe.”
  • “You too!”
  • “You stay safe too.”
  • You too my love. ❤️❤️❤️
  • “Please be safe girl! We’ve got you if you need anything!”

Other fans shared which part they were located in and if they were safe from the storms. In the meantime, American Pickers’ ratings have suffered this past season. What are your thoughts on Danielle Colby’s family being hit by the deadly tornado?

How are you braving the storms? Sound off below in the comment section.

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