Raquel Leviss Had Casual Flings At Scheana Shay’s Home

Scheana Shay & Raquel Leviss [Source: Instagram]

Raquel Leviss had casual flings at Scheana Shay’s home. The Vanderpump Rules co-star spoke out about the time when she allowed Raquel to sleep at the home she shares with her husband Brock Davies and their daughter, Summer Moon.

At the time, the former pageant queen was amid a split from her ex-fiance James Kennedy. She moved out of his home and needed somewhere to live for the time being. Scheana noticed troubling signs with her former friend. However, she pushed it aside for the sake of their friendship.

She recalled when Raquel had random hook-ups in her bed and kitchen countertops. Read on for the shocking details.

Raquel Leviss Snaps Selfie In Black Swimsuit [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram]
[Source: Raquel Leviss – Instagram]

Enjoying the single life?

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Oliver Saunders defended Raquel Leviss. He was the latest reality star to reveal that he was on Team Raquel. Garcelle Beauvais’ eldest son made out with Raquel on Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules.

It caught controversy at the time since Oliver was still married. However, he claims that he was separated from his wife. He feels that she was just enjoying her life as a single woman. Oliver thinks that people make mistakes and are just human.

Raquel Leviss Wears Pastel Bikini [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram]
[Source: Raquel Leviss – Instagram]
Raquel Leviss enjoys her newfound single life in the current season. She went on a few dates with SUR manager Peter Madrigal. There was one time when the two drunkenly made out after their shift. Raquel also expresses an interest in Tom Schwartz, which concerns Katie Maloney. She admitted that she was only interested in making out with guys, not hooking up.

However, no one was seeing the signs then. Raquel just wanted to enjoy her brief time being single. Scheana even defended her former BFF at the time. She even encouraged the idea of Raquel and Schwartz dating, even though it raised eyebrows. Now, she’s seeing things differently.

Raquel Leviss’ hookups in Scheana Shay’s home

Scheana talked about Raquel Leviss’ random hookups inside her home. On Friday’s episode of her Dear Media podcast Scheananigans, Scheana recalled some of the “vile” things that her “evil” cast member would do. She told guest Lala Kent that she allowed Raquel to stay at her house after her breakup with James.

Scheana allowed Raquel to stay in one of her spare bedrooms. However, she would have casual flings in Scheana’s bed and on the kitchen countertops. Scheana also called out Raquel for not cleaning the sheets after her hook-ups. She remembers that Raquel was a very “messy” person, just like Tom Sandoval.

Scheana looked past it at the time. She felt that Raquel Leviss was just single and enjoying life. Now, she feels that her friend wasn’t respecting the situation. Scheana sees their friendship differently amid the cheating scandal.

What are your thoughts on Raquel Leviss having casual flings at Scheana Shay’s home? Would you allow your friend to do the same? Sound off below in the comment section.

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