Paige Spiranac Shows Good Grip In Plunging Top

Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac is showing off her bombshell curves in a plunging top as she dishes up tips on the perfect grip.

The 30-year-old former pro golfer is fresh from a jaw-dropping swimsuit update, but there’s been more on her Instagram since she celebrated her birthday last week. Shortly before the weekend, Paige updated her account with a video showing fans a few golf moves. The blonde also likely delighted her male fans as she put her killer figure on show in a skimpy and leggy outfit. Paige is followed by 3.7 million on the platform and introduces herself as the “OG Insta Golf Girl.”


Bombshell Curves In Plunging Top

All smiles from her pristine kitchen, Paige walked fans through how to perfect your putter grip.

The Colorado native had definitely chosen a figure-flaunting outfit. Channeling her love of matching sets, Paige Spiranac sizzled in a tiny blue pair of shorts as she flaunted her toned and shapely legs. Upping the ante with a massive cleavage flash, the bikini bombshell drew major attention to her cleavage as she paired her shorts with a matching top. A daring neckline left little to the imagination as Paige made her video an eye-popping one. The YouTube star also went ribbed with her stretchy fabrics as she knotted her tank top into a crop top.

Keep It Glam

Flashing her gym-honed abs, Paige mixed sexy and sporty. She also gave the Kardashians a run for their money on the glam front. Rocking flawless, layered hair, Paige showed off her signature blonde locks. She also sported a full face of makeup with plenty of cheek blush. Of course, she held a putter while letting fans in on the best tips. Paige placed the putter between her legs, and her advice even included an option for anyone who is left-handed.

“Let’s talk about how to grip your putter!” she wrote in a caption.

Using Her Body For Fame?

Paige has been gathering mixed reviews as she continues to garner shade for flaunting her curves in the public eye. “Let’s talk about my how to not use your body for views and fame,” one user wrote. The sentiment was echoed by another, who wrote:

“What happened to not exploiting yourself for views?” Paige Spiranac was, however, backed up. Some fans just didn’t want to see their favorite star put down. Sticking up for Paige was one fan, who said:

“Why is everyone hating on this beautiful goddess?? You all are obviously following her or you wouldn’t have seen the post…she is beautiful and young and smart and sexy so how could she possibly know anything about golf?? @_paige.renee honey you are killing it!!”

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac/Instagram

Paige seems to be having the last laugh, though. Views are through the roof, and that outfit likely won’t be forgotten.

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