Will Lacey Chabert & Brennan Elliott Reunite For Hallmark’s ‘Crossword Mysteries’?

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Sleuthers may wonder what is happening with Hallmark’s Crossword Mysteries. Recently, Brennan Elliott talked about this series with Lacey Chabert, as well as other mysteries.

What did the UnREAL star have to say?

Will Lacey Chabert & Brennan Elliott Reunite For Another Hallmark Crossword Mysteries?

Will Brennan Elliott and Lacey Chabert reunite for another Hallmark Crossword Mysteries? Speaking on the Hallmark Mysteries And More podcast, the Marry Go Round star admitted that he was surprised that there has not been more of the series. He thought there would be more than their last movie, Riddle Me Dead.

This was the fifth in the series, but Brennan admitted that: “We were supposed to do three or four more.” Subsequently, Hallmark seemed to reboot their mysteries in 2022, canceling some, and putting a few on hold.

It seems that this Signature Mystery Series is on long-term hold, especially as Lacey Chabert is now staring with Will Kemp in The Dancing Detective Mysteries.


Brennan Elliott Is Now Developing New Hallmark Mystery Series

Brennan Elliott is now going to be in an elite group of Hallmark actors, as he is set to star in a third Hallmark Mystery Series. Has anyone else done that? It looks like he is the first!

He revealed he is working on his own mystery series “from the beginning.” “I’ve pitched a couple of ideas over the years to them and there’s one that we’re working on now, possibly. My own franchise.” Admittedly, he says that the process is “slow-moving.”

This sort of endeavor would mean Brennan would break an executive producer. He would be part of the process that would involve details from the beginning. This includes the scripts, writers, and overall storylines. This could also include finding a directing.

Lacey Chabert And Brennan Elliott Would Like To Revisit Previous Series

Last year, at Christmas Con, Lacey, and Brennan were asked about Crossword Mysteries. They did not have any news on the future of the series. However, the two shared that they would like to do another All Of My Heart movie.

That is the sequel that the frequent costars would love to do.

The Special Skill Brennan Elliott Learned For Flower Shop Mysteries

Brennan Elliott is one of a handful of Hallmark favorites to star in two Signature Mystery Series. Previous to Crosswords Mysteries, he starred alongside Brooke Shields in The Flower Shop Mysteries. There, he portrayed Marco, a former private investigator turned bar owner, and Shields played Abby Knight, a former attorney, now the owner of Bloomers, a boutique flower shop.

The two had a big dance in a scene. Although Brooke had plenty of dance experience including a stint on Broadway in Cabaret, Brennan did not feel ready to do any fancy moves on camera. Therefore, he advised that he took some dance lessons before filming.

He also admitted that the Suddenly Susan star also helped him make those dance moves look fantastic.

As with Crossword Mysteries, Elliott did not know why the series ended with three movies. Would you like to see another? Let us know in the comments.


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    1. Crossword Mysteries is my very favorite series! Mystery 101 came in second. I am hoping and praying that crossword continues- please!!! Elliott and Chabert are just perfect together!
      If Crossword doesn’t continue I will return to my English mysteries because Hallmark’s other mystery shows pale in comparison!

  1. Oh I really love Crossword Mysteries! Elliot and Chabert have such great chemistry and are so completely comfortable together, it is such a pleasure to watch. They really elevate the story. I can really believe their sincerity. I so hope it returns! I don’t care how long it might take (but sooner is better!).

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