Jon Gosselin Faces Up Hill Battle On Bonding With His Kids

Jon Gosselin- Instagram

TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a show near and dear to a lot of viewers and Jon Gosselin won a lot of hearts. However, when Jon and Kate split, their fans were pretty upset. No one was more upset than their children though. After years of court battles and custody hearings, Jon feels that it is time to repair the bonds with his children. In fact, this may be a lot harder than he anticipated.

Jon Gosselin Opens Up About Children

For about 14 years, Jon and Kate have been battling it out over who would get custody of their children. Jon Gosselin is ready for all of the fighting to be over. He feels that this has not been the best way for any of them to heal. Six of his children have been living with Kate and they haven’t spoken to him in quite some time. He has custody of Collin and Hannah Gosselin and they have lived in Pennsylvania with him since he split from their mother. It is clear that Jon really misses his family and he has started to open up more about it recently.

Hannah & Collin Gosselin- Instagram
Hannah & Collin Gosselin- Instagram

Jon spoke with The Sun about his children and repairing his relationship with them. He said, “Before the kids living with kate were under her thumb but now they are adults and going off to college or the military or whatever, I don’t have as much fear about reaching out to them. I always wanted to talk to all of my kids but I didn’t want to put them in an awkward position because Kate didn’t want them talking to me.”

He thinks that his kids were more than likely very influenced by Kate while they were living with her. Now that they are grown up, he wants them to know that they can always talk to him or come to his home. Jon is also extremely happy that he and Kate are not in court battles anymore.

Jon’s Life Today

As much as life has been an uphill battle for Jon, he has finally said goodbye to all of the battles in court. He says that he finally feels ‘free’ and can heal now. He is happy to be moving on with his life. In fact, he doesn’t have to worry about being under a microscope any longer. There are no judges or lawyers trying to keep tabs on him now.

Jon Gosselin- Instagram
Jon Gosselin- Instagram

Jon Gosselin has moved on to his Dj career and sharing his life on social media. He has a lot of trolls who throw shade his way, but he pushes it aside. Now he just wants to focus on the relationships with his kids.

Do you think Jon Gosselin’s children will be able to repair their bond with their father? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more.

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