Hailey Bieber Brings Passion Fruit Heat With Bikini Curves

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is turning up the heat as she strips to a bikini and even fashions her passion fruit into swimwear.

The supermodel, 26, has been heavily promoting the Canada launch of her Rhode skincare line this past week. Shortly before the weekend, Hailey updated her Instagram with figure-flaunting snaps. She stripped down to the tiniest of chain bikinis while also placing two passion fruits over her chest. The post comes in the wake of the star’s alleged feud with singer Selena Gomez, but also amid fan complaints that her Rhode promotions are too sexual. It looks like Hailey Bieber isn’t paying attention to the haters, though.

Passion Fruit Vibes In Bikini

Leaving little to the imagination, Hailey Bieber posed in a collage of images as she flaunted her model figure. All sunkissed, the wife to singer Justin Bieber sizzled as she went for a mostly-skin look, posing in a barely-there bikini top. Hailey also went funky as she placed two passion fruits over her chest. Lacking swimwear aside from gold chains forming hints of a bikini top, the YSL ambassador flaunted her cleavage and her smile, and in one image, even pushed her chest together.

Hailey had opened her gallery with a sunset photo, driving fans to swipe for the real action.


Hailey Bieber also showcased her new bob hairdo, which she wore slicked back. The FILA spokesperson added in chunky bangle jewelry while also showing off her clear and glowing complexion. She’d likely chosen the fruits to drive sales of her Passionfruit Jelly lip product, one recently promoted in a bikini-clad share on Instagram. Hailey Bieber is followed by over 49 million on the platform.

In a caption, Hailey wrote: “Weekend mood.”

Slammed For Skincare Promos That Are Sexual

Fans have been replying. “What does this have to do with lipgloss and I thought you said you’d never pose nude lol,” a user wrote, with others agreeing. Also probing the leggy beauty was a fan writing: “What does being naked have to do with gloss???”

Hailey Bieber had faced a similar backlash as she bared her sandy beach bum in a rashguard crop top and string bikini just days before this post. She was, however, backed.

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber/Instagram

“She can do whatever she wants, why does it affect you so much? People change their minds so easily, it really doesn’t have much context. I don’t understand the fuss over a woman’s body, it’s completely natural,” one fan replied.


Told She’s Becoming A Kardashian

Also shading the star was a fan likening Hailey to the Kardashian family. “She’s fully portraying the Kardashian traits ‘Use what it’s takes to get what you want’ She’s really seeking attention..,” they wrote. There might be hate, but with that bikini look, Hailey is likely making dough. What do you think of Hailey Bieber’s fruity style? Good promo tactic? Let us know in the comments.

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