Audrey Kriss Helps Educate On Trans Visibility Day

Audrey Kriss- Instagram

Former Sister Wives cast member, Audrey Kriss has been extremely open about their identity. As the partner of Leon Brown, Meri Brown’s child, they have worked hard to educate those around them on what it is like to be trans. In honor of Trans Visibility Day, Audrey wanted to help educate others on what it means to be trans.

Audrey Kriss Shares A Touching Story

This week on Instagram, people from all over the world celebrated Trans Visibility Day. Audrey Kriss and their partner, Leon did as well. Audrey made a video for their fans to get a better idea of what Trans Visibility Day is. They wrote about how they were partnering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. They wanted to talk to their fans more about how they can help prevent suicide in the Transgender and LGBTQ+ communities. Of course, this is not an easy topic to cover, but Audrey feels that it is one of the most important.


Audrey Kriss- Instagram
Audrey Kriss- Instagram

Not only did Audrey Kriss share the website and phone number of the AFSP, but they also shared some stats. They wrote, “According to the Trevor Project, LGBTQ+ youth are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide compared to their peers. Studies have shown that LGBTQ+ youth who live in a community that is accepting of LGBTQ+ people reported much lower rates of attempting suicide than those who do not.”

Audrey also pointed out that in the Trans community, it is very important to help educate those around them every day. It is difficult for some to see just how important suicide prevention is in this community.

Coming Out As Trans

Fans of Sister Wives first met Audrey Kriss when they appeared on the show with Leon. They have been very open about being trans and supporting the community. Audrey often shares with their fans about life with Leon. They also promote positivity in the world and do their best to engage with fans. By helping to educate others on Trans Visibility Day, Audrey has already received a lot of love. There are plenty of Audrey’s followers who are more than likely going through their own struggles being trans.

Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown- Instagram
Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown- Instagram

It is important to Audrey that they are transparent about who they are. With Leon’s help, they have had top-half surgery and have so much confidence now. Audrey Kriss continues to share positive quotes on Instagram and has been a huge educator in life as a trans person.

What do you think of Audrey Kriss’ help with the AFSP? Do you think that their story was hard to tell? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.


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