Was ‘Scandoval’ Happening At Scheana Shay’s Mexico Wedding?

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Scheana Shay is sharing how ‘Scandoval’ may have been happening at her Mexico wedding. The mother of Summer Moon opened up about this during an Amazon Live. This is where the stars promote clothing that they would buy at affordable prices. Lala Kent also participates quite frequently. In any case, Shay revealed some details about Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s affair during the live, which was done Thursday, Match 30th. What did she have to say? Read on for more details.

Was ‘Scandoval’ Happening At Scheana Shay’s Mexico Wedding?

Scheana Shay had a lot of drama before heading to her second wedding in Mexico. She was livid with Katie Maloney for pressing on and still coming on vacation to Mexico. Yet, Katie was not even attending the wedding anymore. However, Scheana’s bridesmaid, Jamie was unable to get a room at the hotel they were all staying at. Therefore, she tried to buy Katie’s room from her seeing as she was not staying there as part of the wedding party. Katie said no, the room was non-refundable and declared she was still heading to Mexico on a fun trip for Kristina Kelly’s birthday.

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Once in Mexico, there was already a fight that broke out between Ariana Madix and James Kennedy over a feisty friend of Scheana’s fiance. Yet, viewers are waiting to see what else will happen though there are a few things that are for sure. This is when and where Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss finally kiss. Plus, Raquel was one of Scheana Shay’s bridesmaids alongside Ariana Madix so that will also be showcased. However, Scheana did reveal a telltale moment from her wedding that may have indicated the ‘Scandoval’ affair was brewing.

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Per Us Weekly, Scheana recounted a guest who found a clue about Tom Sandoval and Raquel while looking through photos from Mexico. “One of my girlfriends was like ‘So I was at the pool the morning of your wedding and I was just looking back at some of my photos and there’s literally one with Tom and Raquel in the background in a cabana just hanging out at the pool together.’ And my friend thought, ‘Don’t you guys need to be getting ready for the wedding? You’re actually in the wedding.’”

Where Was Ariana?

Scheana Shay explained that Ariana was off helping her out, being the bridesmaid that she needed. Therefore, Raquel and Tom took that opportunity to swoop in and spend alone time together. The fact that they did it in public was very “disgusting” to Shay. Once the affair was discovered in early March of this year, it was said to have been going on for around six or seven months. Scheana shay wed Brock Davies in August 2022. Therefore, the timeline of the affair beginning does align with the wedding.

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Scheana Shay was with Raquel Leviss the night that the affair was discovered as they were both in NYC for WWHL. It was not until they were out after the show that Ariana apparently called Raquel to find out the details. Once Scheana learned that Raquel was sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend, she shoved Raquel. Yet, Raquel also got physical but claimed that the pain inflicted by Scheana was much worse. A TRO was put on Scheana and has since been dismissed.

Are you surprised that Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval were not being discreet about their affair? Will you be watching Scheana Shay’s wedding with wider eyes now? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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