‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Happi Floss Compostable Flosser

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With Shark Tank back this week with a new episode, the inventors of a new tooth-flossing device called the Happi Floss Compostgable Flosser are showing up to pitch their wares. It will be up to the sharks to determine if this new flosser is worth investing the big money in.

Here is a look at the Happi Floss Compostgable Flosser and where you can buy it.

What is the Happi Floss Compostable Flosser on Shark Tank?

The Happi Floss Compostgable Flosser is a new groundbreaking and eco-friendly product that hopes to replace single-use plastic flossers. Dr. Staci Whitman, a functional and holistic pediatric dentist, created these little flossers. Happi Floss is a woman-founded, owned, and operated business based in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Staci set out to find more environmentally friendly flossers when she saw how much waster was littering the beaches in Hawaii. She realized that many parents avoid plastic floss picks because of their negative environmental impact. What resulted were these little devices.

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Dr. Staci researched the options for years and finally created these out of compressed post-consumer recycled paper and biofilm. This allows moisture and microbes to break down the flossers quickly in compost or soil. They are also non-toxic and created cruelty-free.

The flossers come in two sizes for different mouth shapes. To use these, just pull the floss out of the flosser after use and dispose of it in the trash. Add the flosser to your compost.

Up until now, Dr. Staci has self-funded the development and tested the product with family and friends. She distributed 5,000 sample flossers and they want to now work on production to deliver a batch of one million flossers.

Where to buy the Happi Floss Compostable Flosser from Shark Tank

For anyone who sees the Happi Floss Compostable Flosser on Shark Tank and wants to buy them for themselves, more information is available through the official website at happifloss.com.

Sadly, at this time, there is none available for sale. The company had an Indiegogo campaign, which raised $29,931 with 484 backers. The goal was $50,000, and the people who pledged received flossers. However, anyone else will have to sign up for the email list on the site to learn when more will go up for sale.

There is no information on the website about the pricing or any idea of when they will go on sale to the public. Hopefully, when Dr. Staci catches the attention of a shark, she will be able to go into production and get the one million flossers ready to sell in her first batch to the general public.

Does the Happi Floss Compostable Flosser look like something the sharks should have been interested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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