Kody Brown Sinks To New Low In Desperation For Easy Money

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives has just sunk to a new low in his desperation for some fast and easy money. 

Turns out, Sister Wives star Kody Brown may be feeling the financial squeeze as three of his four wives walked out the door. Just when fans think the TLC star can’t sink to a new level, Kody surprises with a desperate new low for some easy money. What did the reality TV star do exactly?

The TLC star lost all of his cash cows

It was no secret that Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown were all very successful women. They were not afraid to hustle and they milked their Sister Wives followings on social media to squeeze money from as many different income sources as they could. While Meri, Janelle, and Christine contributed to the family pot of cash, fans assume Kody’s trophy wife Robyn sat at home and watched as her nanny helped her care for their tender-aged children.

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Moreover, fans weren’t really sure what Kody Brown did to contribute to the pot. Though, there have been multiple reports that the TLC star did have a real job. Kody Brown reportedly attended conventions and gun shows selling both guns and gun parts. He was also believed to have some sort of business venture involving rare antiques. Though, the details are extremely unclear. Kody Brown, however, did admit on a Cameo that COVID-19 brought his work to a halt. Photos of him at gun shows, however, have recently surfaced on Reddit. So, he is presumably back at it.

Kody Brown is desperate for cash

Fans can only assume that future Sister Wives’ paychecks will be different with Kody Brown only having one wife. A chunk of Janelle, Meri, and Christine’s paychecks will no longer be handed over to the family pot. Likewise, fans can only assume they are no longer contributing any of their income to the “family fund.” Moreover, fans question just how many more seasons TLC can squeeze out of this show considering all of Kody’s wives have no left him (minus Robyn).

Sister Wives - Cameo
Sister Wives – Cameo

Feeling the financial squeeze of losing nearly all of his wives, Kody Brown has sunk to a new low. The Sister Wives star has once again raised the prices of his Cameo. Now, he’s charging his fans $149 if they want a video of him rambling for a few minutes. For business videos, he has also upped the price to $420. Presently, this means Kody is charging 3x more than Christine Brown. This shockingly high number can also be compared to Paedon and Mykelti who only charge $10 and $15 for a personal video.

Sister Wives - Cameo
Sister Wives – Cameo

Fans who have caught wind of this price hike admit they are disgusted by this new low as they don’t understand why Kody Brown thinks he’s worth so much money.

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