Hailey Bieber Wears Skimpy Tube Top To Dinner

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber stunned fans with her dinner look as she rocked the tiniest miniskirt and tube top before the weekend.

The supermodel, 26, has spent much of this past week promoting the Canada launch of her Rhode skincare brand. Following cheeky bikini snaps as she got her backside all sandy and showed off tubes of Rhode products, Hailey updated her Instagram with a style show. Flaunting her model figure and her trend-setting sense of style, Hailey Bieber wowed with her abs on show. Fans, who managed to shade the bikini snaps, have left plenty of likes.

Supermodel Body In Tiny Tube Top

Going for a three-piece look, Hailey posed looking fierce as she flaunted her washboard stomach and long legs. Going thigh-skimming in a slate blue miniskirt, she added in a barely-there and matching tube top that highlighted her cleavage. She also showed off her summer-ready tan. The stylish ensemble was completed via an open jacket in the same powder blue shade.

Hailey opted for a soft wool feel to her belly-baring ensemble. With a low neckline, the Levi’s promo face was also showing major curve, but the feel was more daytime celeb than club night. Hailey struck various leggy poses as she stood against a black backdrop, also bringing in a major glow via her bronzed makeup look.

Catching every fashionista’s eye with her asymmetric miniskirt, Hailey likely also thrilled her male followers with that sensational figure. The BFF to model Kendall Jenner also included a video. Wearing her long bob down and adding in chic gold earrings, Hailey kept her glam game strong. Her caption meant business, though.

“@rhode canada launch dinner 🥹🤍 such an amazing evening with amazing people. Love you Toronto 🇨🇦,” she wrote.

Sandy Bum In Bikini

Yesterday, Hailey updated in a much skimpier look as she hit the beach and showed off her world-famous bikini body. Hailey went for a tight crop top rashguard in multicolor prints, showing off her cheesegrater abs and curvy hips while rocking stringy bikini bottoms. She even posed for a sunbathing shot on her back while tucking a tube of Rhode product into her swimwear’s waistband.

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Hailey did, however, garner hate as she stripped down. The model was told that her promos don’t need to be this sexy, something one fan voiced in a comment.

Told To Tone It Down

“Bhy do they have to sexualize eeeeeverything.. its a damn lip gloss for god sake,” one user wrote.

Echoing the thought was another user. They told Hailey Bieber: “Why must your marketing team sexualize your brand and you keep them?”


A third fan chimed in, writing: “It’s misleading, it’s quite a shame we’ve lost every sense of morality.” Hailey didn’t seem to have lost her morals with her stylish dinner look, though.

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