Gayle King Moves From ‘CBS Mornings’ To ‘CNN’ For $12 Million?

Gayle King [Source: YouTube]

Gayle King is reportedly moved from CBS Mornings to CNN for a cool $12 million. It’s all for one hour of work per week. Doesn’t sound bad for additional income. Keep on reading to learn more about her shocking new salary.

Gayle King scores new deal reported on Gayle King’s new deal. CNN is no longer the top-rated cable network news channel. More viewers are watching Fox News. The cable giant wants to attract its fanbase back.

As fans already know, Gayle is currently the face of CBS Mornings. She could earn $12 million per year if she appears on CNN. The show is currently in progress and doesn’t have a name. CNN is hoping to win back viewers after Chris Cuomo’s ousting last year. They think she would be the perfect person since she already has a huge fanbase and household name.

Gayle King [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
What also helps is that Gayle King has close ties to Oprah Winfrey, who was a big face and the original daytime diva. It’s a connection that the network could use. She’s able to “write her own check,” an insider told the outlet. CNN just finished the quarter with the smallest viewership since 1991. It even failed to attract subscribers to its canceled streaming service.

Insiders told that Gayle King could earn $12 million for her once-a-week primetime series. She might co-anchor alongside NBA star Charles Barkley, who is currently signed to TNT. He currently earns $10 million fronting Inside the NBA on TBS. The network thinks Gayle and Charles could be the new faces for the primetime hour.

Chris Cuomo [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“Gayle will not only be the highest paid person at CNN but she and Charles will be the highest paid on-air pair,” the source told “It will also make Gayle one of the highest-paid people on television when you add her CBS contract into the mix.”

Nearing deal with CNN

Gayle King already makes $13 million for co-hosting CBS Mornings. Plus, she wouldn’t have to leave CBS for CNN since it won’t consume much of her time. The Hill reports that CNN is close to finalizing a deal with the television broadcaster. The 68-year-old isn’t expected to change her previous duties with CBS.

Gayle King [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The show is reportedly about her conversations with CNN president Chirs Licht. He took over the network in May 2022. He’s made many changes to the networking, including not allowing the correspondents to drink during the New Year’s Eve broadcast. Chris wants to correct the issues of the network’s apparent stagnant ratings.

What are your thoughts on Gayle King moving from CBS Mornings to CNN for $12 million? Do you think she should close the deal? Would you watch her new primetime series? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Wished I had known then when I was in HS at 17 years old. When they would ask me each year “What do you want to be when you graduate?” I would have said a “journalist” I wished I knew then that had I gone to college to become a journalist I would make over 6 figures today just for talking. Come on now I’d be retired by now and sitting pretty. No one told me this. I would have gone to the bank smiling had I known then what I know now. HS teens let this be a lesson for you. Go to college and become a journalist for sure.

  2. Re your request for comments on the Gayle King move to CNN. I don’t watch her on CBS so why would I watch her on CNN? I wouldn’t. All of this reminds me when, now aeons ago, when Barbara Walters moved to the evening news with Harry Reasoner in order to increase the ratings. It did not. Then too CBS hired Katie Couric to propel the news to stratospheric heights. It did not. The big, really big wheels in broadcasting seem to think that if they pay someone (who is at least partially famous) more money than the US Mint makes in a week, to host or lead or infuse one of their shows, heaven will open up and ratings will literally go through the roof. It’s never happened so far, and common sense says it probably never will.

    1. well sir I just want to say to you that you got it wrong Gayle King is not partially famous she’s internationally known do you do diligence before you make stupid comments. if there’s anything subpar it would be the idiotic comment that you made

  3. don’t let door hit you in the butt. I hated her editorial comments and stop watching CBS mornings. please put someone on that gives me the facts and let me sort it out. I don’t want to be preached like fox news does.

    1. Peter you’re just a jackass how about nobody’s watching you either then again who are you nobody knows and nobody gives a damn keep your negative comments to yourself have a great day hater.

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