Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell Shares Sad Chemo Update

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Mama June Shannon fans learned that her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is currently in a battle for her life. Despite the fact that Anna distanced herself from her reality TV family years ago, they are still understandably upset she is now fighting to continue to live. Fans, however, aren’t too happy with the family breaking their silence on the situation. As they feel the family is making the situation too much about themselves. Moreover, some fans worry certain members of the family may even try to use the situation to milk fans for pity money.

Individuals close to Anna reached out to TMZ with an update on how Mama June’s daughter was doing amid her cancer battle.

Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell begins losing her hair amid cancer battle

Speaking to TMZ, family members reveal that Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell endured her first round of chemo. Sadly, as a result of the chemotherapy, chunks of Mama June’s daughter’s hair have started to come out. The family shared photos of Anna’s hair loss with TMZ. 

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The family source made it a point to clarify to the outlet that Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell’s main focus is battling adrenal carcinoma cancer as it has spread to her liver, kidney, and lungs. While losing chunks of hair is sad, the family wants everyone to know it is NOT Anna’s primary focus right now.

To combat the hair loss, the family tells the outlet Anna will shop for a wig to wear.

She’s fighting with everything she has

The family source tells TMZ that Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell remains in high spirits and has a positive outlook on the situation right now. Moreover, she’s fighting to survive with everything she has. This includes making extreme changes to her diet involving less sugar and more protein. Sadly, Anna is having a hard time consuming food right now because she is struggling with her tongue being numb.

Getting chemotherapy is also making it difficult for Anna to get the right amount of sleep. The family source tells TMZ she is suffering from extreme exhaustion causing her to sleep during the day while having trouble getting to bed at night.

As fans know, Anna is a mother to two beautiful children. Given her current situation, she was forced to resign from her car salesperson position. Presently, nearly all of her time and energy are focused on fighting and recovering.

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