The ‘Survivor’ 44 Showmance Heats Up In Episode 5

survivor 44 matt and frannie hugging
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Survivor has a showmance again for the first time in a long time and the most recent episode turns the heat up. Nowadays, the game of Survivor has casts that consist primarily of superfans. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it does result in the strategy portion of the game often being highly-competitive. However, it does largely do away with norms of the past that are fun to watch despite oftentimes jeopardizing strategic games. Showmances are one of the things that have been largely done away with in recent seasons. Yet, one pair in Survivor 44 is changing that.

The New Showmance

Episode 5 of Season 44 is further heating up the budding showmance between Matt and Frannie over on the Soka Tribe. This episode finally contains a bilateral admission of feelings, whereas in the past only Matt has openly said in confessionals that he finds Frannie attractive.

survivor 44 frannie close up
Frannie of ‘Survivor’ Season 44

In an Episode 5 confessional, Frannie not only visibly blushes when talking about Matt, but she admits she wouldn’t say no to a date once the game is over. Neither of the two has been able to publicly state whether or not they’re currently together because of contracts with CBS about what can and can’t be said before a player’s elimination and before the end of the season.

So, fans can only speculate right now if this showmance is something that’s going the distance. Many seem hopeful for the two, even though there’s no plausible couple name (Mannie? Fratt? It just won’t work). Viewers know how dangerous a showmance can be, though. Yet, it seems like the show is building up to their budding relationship ultimately jeopardizing one or both of their games.

The last showmance was way back in Season 37, AKA David vs. Goliath. It was between Dan and Kara, but its life outside of the game was virtually non-existent. Kara wound up dating another cast member, Alec, very briefly after the end of the show. It seems as though the fans are rooting for Frannie and Matt to be a bit more successful.

Survivor 44

The preview for Episode 6 shows that the pre-merge is finally coming to an end. Next week all three tribes will come together to live on one beach. Viewers know from the past three seasons, however, that this doesn’t necessarily spell the merge just yet. It’s not guaranteed that the twist will work the same as it did in Season 43, though. This “Earn The Merge” twist has been a little different every time it’s come into play. Viewers will have to wait and see what iteration comes into play in Season 44.

survivor 44 frannie confessional
A confessional with Frannie in ‘Survivor’ 44

New episodes of Survivor 44 continue to air every Wednesday night.

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