Jeremy Roloff Leaves Radley’s Face Exposed To Brisk Air

Jeremy Roloff- Instagram

Little People, Big World cast member, Jeremy Roloff enjoys being in the snow and going skiing. It turns out that his kids do too. Just recently, Jeremy went up to the ski mountain with the family. Audrey Roloff was quick to take some candid shots there.  For the most part, it looked like everyone had a blast. However, their youngest son, Radley didn’t seem happy. Let’s find out why.

Fans Concerned With Jeremy Roloff’s Newest Photo

As soon as Audrey shared the latest picture of Jeremy with his son, Radley. They were on the ski mountain and even though Jeremy was smiling, fans were shocked to see Radley exposed to the cold, brisk air up there. This photo went up on one of Audrey’s Instagram accounts. In the photo, Jeremy Roloff is smiling and in his snow gear. It is snowing on him and his son, Radley. He has Radley strapped to him, but his face is exposed to the snow and the cold.

Jeremy Roloff- Instagram
Jeremy Roloff- Instagram

Audrey captioned the photo, “Got lots of outside hours yesterday.” Of course, Jeremy seems to be happier than ever, but by the looks of it, Radley’s face was getting all the cold. He does look like he is wearing layers, but his face was completely exposed to this air. The Roloff kids seem to be used to their parents trying to get them outside and active, so this isn’t the first time he’s been out in this.

Getting The Kids Outside

Jeremy Roloff loves getting the kids outside and in nature. He also has given his oldest jobs on their farm. He feels that being in nature and having a job will help them become well-rounded kids. Jeremy has been seen taking the kids on hikes all over the property. The family has a lot of land and forests all around them.

However, fans have noticed that he likes to take his kids on hikes while they are barefoot. Not only that but while he works on different projects at their home, he has been seen wearing shoes, while his kids are just walking around barefoot. Even the youngest child has been seen without shoes in dangerous conditions. In fact, in one of their latest posts, Jeremy worked in the garage, while their son Bode looked on.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

The concerning fact about this post was that they were in the garage, which is dangerous for a child, but Body was wearing no shoes and very thin pajamas. Fans didn’t think this was exactly safe for a child.

What do you think about Jeremy Roloff trying to get kids outside more? Do you think that he needs to try and keep a better eye on them? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World. 

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