TLC News: Is ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Season 11 Over Already?

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Disappointing TLC news today has fans wondering if Season 11 of My 600-Lb. Life is already over. Did the new season come to an end without fans even realizing it? Tv Shows Ace took a closer look as an avid follower of the TLC series.

TLC News: Is My 600-Lb. Life Season 11 Over Already?

Discovery+ subscribers were pretty disappointed when they couldn’t find a new episode of My 600-Lb Life this morning. This disappointment will double down later tonight when fans without a Discovery+ subscription realize a new episode of My 600-Lb. Life isn’t airing tonight. Flipping forward to next week’s schedule, fans are met with more disappointment as Season 11, Episode 9 isn’t airing next week either. Naturally, this has fans of Dr. Now and his patients in a bit of a panic. What happened to the series? Did Season 11 come to an end already?

600 lb life - Paul Youtube

The big issue with shows like My 600-Lb. Life on TLC is they don’t really have a traditional Season Finale episode. With shows like Sister Wives, the Season Finale makes it pretty clear the show is over for the season. My 600-Lb. Life is a show that just sort of stops airing new episodes. Making things worse, the network doesn’t necessarily communicate Season Finale information on shows like My 600-Lb. Life very well. So, fans are often left in the dark when the series comes to an end for the season.

Fortunately, one thing TLC does usually do is follow a pattern. The network is pretty consistent when it comes to the number of episodes they air in a season of the show. Now, the last few seasons of My 600-Lb. Life were hindered by COVID-19. But, the episode count can still offer fans some information on what to expect. Season 9 of My 600-Lb. Life was 13 episodes long and Season 10 was 15 episodes long. So, it seems unlikely that Season 11 would be wrapped up at just 8 episodes long.

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At best, fans can expect anywhere from seven to eight more episodes. At worst, fans should still expect four to five more episodes. Either way, the break in the schedule is likely a midseason pause while they catch up on filming and production.

Were you hoping to watch a new episode of My 600-Lb. Life today? Do you think Season 11 is already over? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. My wife and I have looked forward to My 600 lb life year after year and every week we watch as we before bed. Tonight we were so heart broken to see that there wasn’t another episode on tonight for season 11. I really hope it is some kind of mid season break like maybe broke up into 2 parts, 8 episodes a piece for a 16 episode total like other seasons. It would make sense for them to break right now being in the middle of 16 episodes if that is the case. I sure hope so!!

  2. I have no idea what’s going on with TLC and all their best shoes & programming. Obviously shows with 10 plus seasons should have no less the amount of episodes as previous seasons. As for other popular shows and their reluctance to renew like I love a Mommas boy, Smothered, Love in Paradise or The Family Chantel (who cares about Pedro, it is after all called “The FAMILY Chantel)
    causes me to wonder why on earth I pay for the streaming app, no less continue my loyalty for their programming and lack of consistency with it!

    1. I’m a huge Six Hundo fan. I love to snack and watch it with my girl. I’m heart broken we only got 8 episodes 💔 Please tlc take my money and just keep the show going. Nothing beats watching an obese person start a diet only to fail 60 seconds later

      1. All the good shows are mia 1000 lb sisters, 1000 lb best friends… they even pushed 90 day fiancé the other way a day late and my Sunday mornings suck anymore ;( nothing like feeling skinny eating some junk food watching these fav shows 😢

  3. I too was wondering what happened. I was very dissapointed there wasn’t an episode last night.I have watched every episode from the first one I make sure I am home when it airs.on T.LCWhat happened?

      1. Not everyone wants to pay extra for that nonsense you know cable and satellite are expensive enough without adding extra.I don’t blame her.

  4. I have watched all of the seasons. My husband and I were very surprised it wasn’t on last night. Very unexpected! Hoping they are just catching up! We love Dr Nowzarian!!

  5. I hope another ep will come. What also sucks is that last season we didn’t get any Where Are They Now episodes. Anyone know why by any chance?

    1. I missed this show so much during Covid and now I look forward to watching it every week, so I hope it’s just a mid season break. Love it!!!

  6. season 10 and season 11 have been pretty dull. there have been a few exceptions, but overall, it’s been pretty disappointing.

  7. When being a fan of the show TLC should of at least let fans know what was going on…it pretty shitty of them to just leave ppl hanging

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