‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Vinson & Dustin Have A Heart-To-Heart

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Seeking Brother Husband stars Dustin and Vinson seem to be having somewhat of a heart-to-heart this week. In a clip from the upcoming episode, the two have a deep chat. There are a lot of concerns weighing on both of them and it all boils down to their shared partner, Kim. So, what comes of this talk? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband Vinson & Dustin Have A Heart-To-Heart

Dustin is married to Kim and has been for over a decade. However, they do have an open marriage and that is where Vinson comes into the situation. Initially, Vinson and Kim’s relationship was just between them. Then, the relationship expanded to Dustin as he and Vinson became best friends. Plus, the Seeking Brother Husband men had children who got along famously so it all seemed to work out extremely well. Unfortunately, Vinson is struggling with the idea of Kim dating other men which is something she is very open to.

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According to People, Kim’s two partners speak openly in the second episode, airing Sunday, April 2nd. The guys are hanging out when Dustin decides to ask Vinson what is going on with their lady.”Where are you at with Kim? I know it’s going to be hard for you if she starts dating somebody else and kind of managing that. Is that like a hard stop for you?” Dustin inquires. For Dustin, he is much more accepting of multiple partners.

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Vinson admits that this is kind of a breaking point for him. However, Dustin does say that there is a level of awkwardness in all of this. He talks about it in his confessional and how sharing this experience with Vinson is not so easy. Yet, there is a relatability in this discomfort both men are feeling. Back outside, Vinson has a question for Dustin: “Do you ever feel like her giving her energy out to other people ever dilutes what you guys have sometimes?”

Dustin Answers

Kim’s husband does admit that, initially, when she was with Vinson, it was not easy. He was the first man that the Seeking Brother Husband couple brought into their marriage. Dustin added: “At the time, I would kind of feel wounded, neglected, and left out of all the fun. All the cool kids were hanging out without me kind of feeling. So, it’s not like I immediately became stronger.” However, he has found ways to deal with all of his jealousies and insecurities when it comes to having an open marriage. Vinson seems to think it is just a time thing and the fact that he has not been around as long.

Will Vinson stick with Kim or will her desire to be with other men end up breaking them up? Let us know your thoughts and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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