Mykelti Padron Transforming Into Christine’s Double As She Ages

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Mykelti Padron is turning into her mother, Christine as she gets older. Fans have often noted that Christine Brown’s genes are quite strong among her daughters. Aspyn and Ysabel are often compared to their mother and now, Mykelti is getting the same treatment as her siblings. So, what are people saying about the mother of three now that she is growing up? What is making her look more like her glowing mother? Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Transforming Into Christine’s Double As She Ages

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is shining brighter than ever since she left her husband, Kody back in early 2021. Recently, the mother of six revealed that she was in a serious relationship with David Woolley. The two are happier than ever and it shows in every post and photo. However, Christine still makes so much time for her family and her grandchildren. This means she is often with her daughter, Mykelti Padron, and her three children, daughter Avalon and twin boys, Ace and Archer.

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As Mykelti Padron continues to settle into motherhood and gets more comfortable with herself, fans are noticing that she is morphing into her mom. In a recent Instagram post, Mykelti Padron is showing off the latest in LuLaRoe. She is wearing a patterned mock neck turtleneck, holding the collar as she peers around a bookshelf. The caption reads: “It is still sweater weather & that’s totally alright with me, especially when they’re so cozy.” She has continued to look phenomenal postpartum and is dropping weight like crazy.

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Yet, followers could not help but notice how much she looked like her mom, Christine. One fan noted: “I’ve only recently noticed how much you look like your mom. You’re very beautiful.” Another added: “Omg I thought you were your mom for second. Had to do a double take.” The comments continued simply saying that Mykelti Padron looked just like her mother. If she just went blonde, it would be almost impossible to tell them apart.

Living Their Best Lives

Mykelti Padron and her mother, Christine Brown are both living their best lives. Christine, as aforementioned, is in love and enjoying every moment of that. More so, she is quite successful with her weight loss business. As for Mykelti, she has launched a Patreon with her husband, Tony Padron. Though she seemingly had a great relationship with her father, Kody, and his fourth wife, Robyn, it appears Mykelti will be holding nothing back. Furthermore, she is a hustler just like her mother as she has many balls in the air while maintaining a healthy and happy marriage and positive home life.

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