The Truth Behind Wendy Williams’ Comeback

Wendy Williams Wears Leopard Print Dress [Source: YouTube]

Wendy Williams planned her comeback. She had her podcast and a reality show in the works. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, her podcast flopped before launch. There were also questions as to whether Wendy was really ready to make a comeback. Now, her rep is giving an update on her return to the entertainment industry. Keep on reading for the new details.

Is Wendy Williams still planning a comeback?

Wendy Williams has been at the center of health issues. She had to take a step back from her daytime talk show in 2021 due to a myriad of medical problems, including Graves’ Disease and thyroid issues. Unfortunately, it led to her show’s cancelation in June 2022. Wendy also struggles with alcoholism, which she has been open about.

Wendy Williams [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Fans expressed concern about the former daytime diva. They noticed that she’s been out and about in New York City by herself. She most recently partied with strangers she came across on Saint Patrick’s Day. Wendy wanted to celebrate her new start with drinks just months after her rehab stint.

Just days later, reports suggested that her new podcast was canceled before launch. Her rep is sharing an update on the 58-year-old. Shawn Zanotti told ET Online what the radio personality has been working on behind the scenes. Despite what reports claim, Wendy hasn’t canceled her podcast.

Wendy Williams Sits In Purple Chair [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“We are still working behind the scenes on several projects,” Shawn told ET. “There has been no official cancellation of the podcast. Wendy does desire to return to TV.”

However, Shawn didn’t share any details about her future projects. Her podcast doesn’t have a premiere date. Yet, fans are concerned that she doesn’t have the fire in her to make a comeback. They’re more concerned about her health and well-being.

Shawn Zanotti shares an update on Wendy Williams’ health

Shawn also shared an update on Wendy Williams’ health. As previously mentioned, she was spotted drinking at various nightclubs, bars, and lounges throughout New York City. She went to The Townhouse, where the crowd chanted her name. Shawn revealed that she was “out celebrating the new things in her life, including several upcoming projects.” Her rep didn’t deny the drinking allegations.

“She is happy and wanted to celebrate as she has a new lease on life,” Shawn told ET. “There are several projects coming down the pipeline and she was celebrating those things.”

Wendy Williams Stands In Front Of Audience [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Her rep claimed that Wendy loves to celebrate with the LGBTQ+ community. She wanted to frequent the spots they go to and spend the night with her adoring fans. What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ comeback? Do you think it’ll happen? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Wendy Williams.

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  1. I don’t think WW will return on any platforms. That ship has sailed and she needs to step back and retire. You had a great run WW now retire and relax. It’s time to move on with your life now. Take care of yourself and your bums will need to take care of themselves. ie: your son and ex.

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